Unmovable by Shae Wilbur featuring Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey and Shae Wilbur families

New Song Available!

Danny Gokey and Shae Wilbur are back singing together in the new song, “Unmovable”.

She auditioned and made it to Hollywood for Season 8 of “American Idol” where she became friends with Danny.  Sharon and her father, Joel Chernoff, were back up singers for Paul Wilbur. Because Joel Chernoff is best friends with Paul Wilbur, Sharon and her husband, Joel Wilbur, grew up together. In addition to singing, Sharon also writes songs and is TV host in Florida and recently with Season 17 of “American Idol”.

Danny and Shae  previously were featured on Paul Wilbur’s song, “Great I Am”. (One of my favorite worship songs – great harmony.)


Lead photo is from 2017 and Shae’s social media account.  Clearly a lot has happened since then.  Gabriel was born, Shae has recently given birth to her son, Joel, and Leyicet is pregnant with Danny and her fourth child!

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