Songwriting, Producing, Touring & More with Danny Gokey

Interview with Sweetwater

Danny Gokey talks about his new album, “Haven’t Seen It Yet”, his writing process, his experience with his music contracts, writing, producing the songs and how he sets his live shows.  He also talks about

  • What he looks for in his musicians for his tour  (he wants his musicians to be “buttery”.)
  • Celebrating others’ talents.
  • Finally, what he means when he says, “He’s not where I should be, but I’m not where I was.”

The best thing I heard is it that he would like to.” add background singers to his live shows!  (I loved how he added horns the last couple of years!)

3 thoughts on “Songwriting, Producing, Touring & More with Danny Gokey

  1. Awesome interview…it was great to hear about the process of Danny’s song making …I’ve been actually thinking about that so I’m glad he answered…very interesting!! Seems like his whole “team” works very well together and compliment each other in every way!! GokeyGroupie

  2. This is a fantastic interview and Mitch Gallagher is a great interviewer. He asks incisive questions and gives the interviewee room to breathe. Thank you for giving the interview a separate post, Jan. It deserves it.

  3. Loved Danny’s comments (paraphrased, despite my use of quotation marks to separate the comments):

    “when we come together [other songwriters, producer, etc.] we sharpen each other”

    “some people think if you’re not writing and producing all your songs, you are not a true musician — that is not true — the greatest thing you can do is team up with others who are better than you”

    “I have other passions”

    “people have helped me get here” [you’re darn tootin’, we have!]

    Re Mr. Gallagher’s question about the process of taking a song that has been recorded onto the stage live: “it’s like giving birth!” “you haven’t heard this one, but this is my baby”

    To be continued . . .

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