Danny Gokey News & Discussion- June 2019

Summer Music Festival Season!

Its June!  We consider that to be the start of the big, outdoor music event season!  Danny some on his schedule and then he wraps up the season by waiting for a fourth little Gokey to enter the world!

Will you catch him in Southbend, Phoenix, Gaylord, Rogersville, Oshkosh, Paso Robles, Darien Center, Duluth or Atlanta?  You can check Danny’s concert schedule HERE.

The Danny Gokey Band at Fishfest Sacramento by Borel Photo

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Danny Gokey with Eric Ramey at the Kingsfest

Photos by Jan, Borel Photography and Annette Holloway Photography

37 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion- June 2019

  1. It’s good to see that Danny has moved up to headlining some of these festival dates on his calendar. He’s come a long way from the release of “Hope in Front of Me” when he reportedly couldn’t book a show/tour! #GoDannyGo!!

    Danny Gokey headlines first night of Big Ticket

  2. Thank you for posting Danny’s video win, Jan! Very happy for Danny!! I loved his acceptance speech. Everyone standing for Danny, his beautiful daughter, Kathie Lee.. everything. It was a special moment for this fan. 🙂

    Also… Danny’s hair is growing on me. I like the new look. 🙂

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  3. You are welcome, Cindy. If I find video of his performance, I will add it, too.

    I did notice he forgot to thank the fans for voting 😉

  4. Ellen,
    You write very well. I was reading your post at MJ’s about Danny winning at K-Love. I enjoy your smooth, flowing style. It is easy to read and understand.

  5. I never go over to MJ’s. Appreciative of Ellen, and all of you that do. Hopefully, there is more positive than negative, now.

    Nice to see you post, Lurker. 🙂

  6. Thank you, Lurker. If I’m posting about Danny on that site, I try to be measured and low-key. Understatement is the name of the game. Most of the time I can post something positive without getting too much blowback. He is still disliked with an intensity I can’t fathom.* But I also think some there appreciate the fact that Danny is an Idol success story, especially since his success came in the CCM genre, the box into which they always wanted to place him.

    *Many there have demonized Danny and have this negative image stuck in their minds, but if they went back and rewatched season 8, I think some would find it was much ado about nothing, especially in light of other “stories” Idol has tried to oversell over the years.

  7. Cindy3, on the whole, yes, there is more positive than negative. But I also try not to rattle the cage of the tiger too much.

  8. I would think that Mandisa has more Top 20 hits, but this is what I’ve just read:

    Danny Gokey’s “Haven’t Seen It Yet” is at No. 3 on the Christian AC chart. He still has a shot at his third No. 1 hit. His No. 1 Christian airplay hits to date are “Hope in Front of Me,” “Rise” and “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again.” He now has 10 top 20 hits on the Christian charts going back to 2014. He is now the most successful Christian artist who appeared in the top 10 of “American Idol.”


    We know that Lauren Daigle is the most successful, but she wasn’t in the top 10 on Idol. PS. I think that Colton has struggled to get radio play recently.

  9. I tend to be skeptical about that claim (10 top 20 hits), Jan. They must be including Christmas songs, because I don’t think Danny has released 10 CCM songs. There are many ways to define “most successful.” I think it is enough to recognize that Danny is successful, without worrying about the “most.”

  10. I agree that these rankings are very subjective, just like Danny barely makes the Top 34 in this ranking (and where did they get that $600,000 from?)


    As far as Top 10 Christian Songs,

    Hope in Front of Me
    More Than You Think I Am
    Tell Your Heart to Beat Again

    The Comeback
    If You Aint In It

    Haven’t Seen it Yet

    Lift Up Your Eyes
    Mary Did You Know

    The last two songs were released to Christian radio, so I think they count, Ellen 🙂

  11. Is anyone surprised how excited I am for the news that Danny INTENDS to release a new Christmas Album to support the Celebrate Christmas tour?

    He even read my comment on the Facebook Live comment

    (Danny, please don’t break my <3 by missing the album deadline) and saying he wasn’t going to miss the deadline… (fingers crossed)

  12. What a good performance! All set to record.

    Another ADORABLE video from Leyicet, with Daniel and Victoria.

    Danny, Daniel, and Victoria, are on an Alaskan cruise. How exciting! It will be beautiful!!

  13. Yes. I thought Danny’s performance was great! I was sorry that the same post of Danny accepting his award wasn’t televised. Kathy Lee Gifford sure is a fan of Danny’s. She has a beautiful voice.

  14. Hi everyone, just catching up after being away on a trip for a couple of weeks. Nice to see the new K-Love Award!

    I was able to view the award presentation and the performance including Kathie Lee’s intro to both on the TBN site.


    Danny’s award comes on about 10 minutes in, and then he’s back later being introduced by Kathie Lee just before the 1-hour mark.

    Congrats to Jan on the planned new Christmas project. I wonder if it may include Feliz Navidad or some other Spanish language song this time, that would be fun.

  15. This interview (*) is interesting where they talk about the tv show project. Last time I recall it coming up, Danny made some comment about it being in development or having discussions.

    This time he says they will be recording the entire “season” and it’s now in pre-production. So perhaps he has a deal for it?

    Random idea but I wonder if Kathie Lee could be connected as a co-producer or something to push it over the edge for approval with a television or online platform.

  16. Welcome, back Admin2!! I hope your trip was fabulous!

    I think you know how excited I was when Danny announced a new DG Christmas album……

  17. “I wonder if Kathie Lee could be connected as a co-producer or something to push it over the edge for approval with a television or online platform.’

    When Danny and Kathie Lee were together at the Klove awards, she said something about looking forward to September with him….. so I asked about it on the Facebook Live event. Danny was very censored in his response. If they didn’t have anything planned, I’m pretty sure he would have said it., instead he plugged one of her videos. There’s something happening, and she’s been very successful in getting Christian projects launched. Especially since she oozed, “my good friend, Danny Gokey”

  18. Good news that one of the charts is hitting #1.

    Also I’d forgotten to mention in the K-Love broadcast, I liked that they had the background vocalists and included some of the vocal work that was featured in the acoustic video.

    I see someone asked Danny about the backing singers, and he answered:

    They’re awesome vocalists: two of them sing with Mandisa, Andrew Thompson & Janine Jones and the other two are Bethany Cruz & Ileia Sharee

    The gentleman reminded me of Mandisa’s singer but I wasn’t sure it was the same person. Bethany is the one who was also featured in the recorded track of HSIY.

  19. From previously, these were the background singers in the acoustic video. Looks like Bethany Cruz is the only repeat.

    I was right on Bethany, she put an item on her instagram as did the other two background vocalists Terrell Hunt and Sharlisa Brooks.

  20. Someone on twitter mentioned Danny doing an event at “Carowinds” which I don’t see yet on our calendar.

    Danny is listed as appearing with several other artists for Christian Music Day. “Carowinds is located off I-77 SC Exit #90 at the North Carolina/South Carolina border.”


  21. Hi Admin,

    I knew about the Carowinds event… but sometimes I’m lazy and I wait to see if itickets etc list it so I can share it to our calendar. 🙂

    But I added it today. No sign of it on other sites, yet.

  22. Hi Admin,

    I knew about the Carowinds event

    That’s why I was not so bold as to say the event was unknown. Just that it was not listed.

    Jan usually knows 🙂

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