Facebook Live Tidbits from Danny Gokey

Danny gave a shout out to Danny Gokey News in the start of his broadcast 🙂 Here’s some of the news he shared:

  • Victoria doesn’t have the KLOVE award in her bedroom yet?  No, KLOVE will be mailing it to him.
  • Danny’s team hasn’t selected his tour mates for the Hope Encounter Tour this fall.
  • Danny will be making a NEW Christmas album.  (Jan is SUPER pumped!!)
  • He will be going on tour with Natalie for the Celebrate Christmas tour – this year to the West Coast.  (Hopefully still coming to WI/IL)
  • Danny and Kathie Lee Gifford…. may be working on something together. He just hinted
  • Danny is getting ready to shoot the music video for “Wanted” in July!
  • The blue lens glasses are from the Danny Gokey Eyewear line.
  • Danny will be on the 2020 KLOVE Cruise
  • Danny thanked his fans (repeatedly) for the KLOVE Male Artist of the Year.  He said that awards help his career.
  • Sometime he will share the story of how he got the house/property he was walking on (he said it was a miracle.)

7 thoughts on “Facebook Live Tidbits from Danny Gokey

  1. Hello! I would love to send Danny an old fashioned hand written fan letter! What address can I send it to?

  2. Hi Jan, hello everyone!
    I’d love to hear the story about that beautiful property he was walking on while doing that facebook live!
    Also, big congratulations to Danny for the Klove award!!! Proud to be a Danny Gokey fan! He sure has great support from his wonderful fans!
    Can’t wait for the Christmas album!
    Btw, Victoria did a great job at klove!

  3. Hi, Edith and Des!

    Beautiful property. What fun the children must have.

    West Coast Christmas Tour. Yes!!

    Love finding out things I didn’t know before from Danny. Always fun.

    Thank you, Jan!

  4. Cindy, I hope the Christmas tour comes by you (I would bet Natalie will get a homestate date, too).

    Des, so good to see you post! How is your family doing? <3

  5. Hi Jan we’re doing great! Can you believe it?! My youngest and only daughter is turning 7 tomorrow! We’re throwing a party for her! I was caught up of motherhood since i resigned in 2015 but I still follow Danny! And you wouldn’t believe it but my Hope in Front of Me CD is still playing in my car! Thank you and I miss all of you so terribly!!!

  6. Hey, Des! * waving * Were you not able to get Danny’s album “Rise”? The songs are probably available on streaming sites, and the singles by googling them. But it’s a great CD and was nominated for an Grammy. * * * It’s scary to hear that your youngest daughter is 7. My, does time fly! Hope everyone is happy and healthy!

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