Danny Gokey News & Discussion- July 2019

Danny Gokey in concert by SAP Productions

We’re Celebrating Danny Gokey Newest Success!

What a week! Danny Gokey tops three Billboard and a Mediabase chart with his lead single, “Haven’t Seen It Yet”. Get all the info HERE.

Our thanks to Shelby Price of S.A.P. Productions for the limited use of her photos.  They were taken at the Big Ticket Festival .  You can check Danny’s concert schedule HERE.

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Photos by SAP Productions

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42 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion- July 2019

  1. The great news just keeps on coming…now just waiting on the lineup for the Hope Encounter Tour…any idea when that will be released Jan?? GokeyGroupie

  2. Christian AC
    Christian — Rolling Chart — Currents Only
    lw: Jun 16 – Jun 22 TW: Jun 23 – Jun 29
    lw TW Artist Title TW lw Move Aud
    2 1 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Haven’t Seen It Yet 2315 2222 93 13.881
    3 2 Up this week I AM THEY Scars 2219 2169 50 13.077
    1 3 FOR KING & COUNTRY God Only Knows 2110 2225 -115 13.079

  3. Hi Angelsnell,

    I am surprised the tour mates have not been announced for Hope Encounter 2 –

    The fact that it is only 3 months away, I’m guessing it won’t be as big as Tauren Wells. Probably a newcomer, and maybe only one?

    But this is pure guesswork (and probably wrong, LOL!)

  4. I’d like to think with the album launch, new label, recent #1 song charting, K-Love award, etc — Danny’s in a stronger position than he was in last year’s tour, so should have similar-tier supporting act(s).

  5. Hi Admin2 & Cindy,

    I agree that Danny could have a strong supporting act(s) – or carry the show himself- but with the fact they are going back to churches, I’m going with the idea they want to make this tour very financially successful. Bigger supporting acts could help sell tickets, but I’m going with Danny introducing some newer acts on this tour, (Less overhead, less bus costs, etc)

  6. I think they’ll need to scale back and go to places they haven’t been before. Some venues on the last tour didn’t sell well. With music sales in the dumps, artists make their main money touring. As a result, the concert market is oversaturated, and artists who in the past would have taken a year or so off from touring can no longer afford to do that. And the downside is that there is less pressure to attend any given concert, knowing the artist will likely tour again. The problems affect all artists, not just Danny.

  7. Danny was intending to have a Facebook Live event today at 11 CST, but twice the live feed didn’t work. The first time it showed him (briefly) by a Christmas tree and he was saying it has been 4 years since his last Christmas album. The second time, it seemed like he was having his hair cut….

    I would have liked to hear some more Christmas song news. My guess is that he would have asked fans to suggest classic Christmas songs to cover.

    Any favorites we’d like see done this time?

  8. I think there is generally a balance between going to new territory, and going to area you know works! Danny’s concerts sell very well in his home area. I think that is one of the reason he has us on his tour route at least once a year.

    He had a HUGE crowd for Summerfest in 2017. (The photo just popped up in my facebook memories today.) It might have been as big as his return to his hometown festival in 2010!? This year he is going to Lifest (in Oshkosh WI) for the first time ever. Those crowds are committed to the festival – almost regardless of who, as long as they are from the top tier of Christian artists.

    The church route for Hope Encounter Two is a safe route. Built in audience from the congregation and hopefully working with promoters that do a good job.

  9. Happy Independence Day!!

    Celebrated with a 6.4 earthquake near Ridgecrest, CA. For us, it was a long rolling earthquake. It was felt over most of Southern California.

  10. I hope you all had a fun and or peaceful Independence Day. We spent it with my husband’s dad and our son and his family. In a very nice Fireman’s park in small, historic city near us.

    Cindy, I read about the earthquake in southern California. Wow!

    We have had weather challenges this year (it has been raining 5 out of 7 days in our driest time of year.) But nothing compared to that!

  11. Sorry to hear that, Cindy3. Hope everyone is okay and that there isn’t much damage.

  12. Hopefully, everyone is okay. A reminder to always be prepared. Thank you. 🙂

  13. Cindy, I hadn’t been paying attention to the news and did not know that the 6.4 earthquake was actually a foreshock, predecessor to a subsequent 7.1 earthquake (which we assume is the main event), followed by a 5.4 aftershock and reams of lessor aftershocks. I guess the epicenter for everything is near Ridgecrest, CA. Have no idea where you live in relation to the epicenter, but from others living in L.A. area, it sounded like the felt effects of the quakes was larger than “normal.”

  14. You are right, Ellen. They said it was a one in twenty chance that the 6.4 earthquake was a foreshock. Surprise!! This time I went to the doorway. I was in the kitchen and could see the house sway. The earthquake in Ridgecrest is about 130 miles from where I live, but I could still fill it’s strength. Very strange how so many could feel this quake.

    Now, back in 1992, the Lander’s quake of 7.3 woke our whole family up. This a distance of about 54 miles for us. Three hours later, I decided to shower, and watched the water disappear for a moment while trying not to be thrown out. A separate, but related earthquake hit our town. It was a 6.5 earthquake that was a ‘jolt.’ We lost many things. Our computer jumped from the desk to the floor. We lost our fireplace. The aftershocks were strong for a few years.

    It’s been very quiet for many years. I think that is what has everyone a little worried.

  15. An earthquake is something I haven’t even had to contemplate. This sounds scarier than our occasional tornado warnings!

  16. HSIY is going to claim #1 on Mediabase for another week (really nice AI, even though it loss some spins for the holiday week.) Top 3 songs lost a few spins.

    Christian AC
    Christian — Rolling Chart — Currents Only
    lw: Jun 23 – Jun 29 TW: Jun 30 – Jul 6
    lw TW Artist Title TW lw Move Aud
    1 1 DANNY GOKEY Haven’t Seen It Yet 2273 2315 -42 14.01
    2 2 I AM THEY Scars 2192 2220 -28 13.143
    3 3 FOR KING & COUNTRY God Only Knows 2102 2111 -9 12.997
    5 4 BIG DADDY WEAVE Alive 1883 1850 33 12.247

  17. I’m more afraid of tornadoes, Jan. They are so frightening to me..

    Congratulations, Danny and Team!

  18. Sorry you and others in California are going through that Cindy.

    It’s good to see Danny with a multi-week #1 song. This is three weeks now? I don’t recall what his previous record is for #1 consecutive weeks at #1, I assume that would have been with HIFOM but not positive.

  19. According to wikipedia fwiw, Hope In Front of Me was #1 for at least three weeks on the Billboard Christian Airplay chart. Hard to tell on the others.

    I hadn’t recalled that TYHTBA was a #1 song on Christian Airplay. Somehow I was remembering it as having peaked at #2 with a stubborn (Lauren?) song at the top of the chart, and maybe #1 on one of the activator or non-monitored charts. Either way it nice to read TYHTBA was #4 song overall for CCM that year.yw

    Anyway, it sounds as if HSIY may at least have tied with Danny’s longest chart-topping song previously, and has a chance to surpass it. If wikipedia is correct, which is ~~ of course.

  20. Excellent.

    And thanks Jan on TYHTBA – not sure how I missed that!

    Also – woohoo for this site going over 11,000 comments 🙂

  21. I went back to look and on June 15th, 2016 I commented this where it seemed like TYHTBA had peaked on Mediabase at #2

    Hmm, it is looking as if TYHTBA has peaked at #2 on mediabase. Would like to be wrong and there could be a final push but it’s drifted down quite a bit now. The Billboard #1 is on the books at least, either way

    1 1 LAUREN DAIGLE Trust In You 1892 1941 -49 9.914
    2 2 DANNY GOKEY Tell Your Heart To Beat… 1820 1931 -111 8.898
    3 3 Up this week 7EVENTH TIME DOWN God Is On The Move 1780 1733 47 10.464
    4 4 Up this week RYAN STEVENSON Eye Of The Storm f/GabeReal 1572 1452 120 7.761
    7 5 Up this week TOBYMAC Move (Keep Walkin’) 1412 1355 57 9.153
    5 6 Up this week JONNY DIAZ Breathe 1411 1359 52 10.185
    8 7 STARS GO DIM You Are Loved 1334 1353 -19 6.788

    – See more at: http://www.allaccess.com/christian/mediabase#sthash.q3aXAcpf.dpuf

    I don’t see that that was overcome.

    But there was a press release from BMG that he had a #1 Mediabase. Not sure what the differences are between what seemed to be topped at #2, and the #1 credit.

  22. Hi Admin, I remember thinking Danny missed the #1 on Mediabase for TYHTBA, but I think it was explained to me there is more than 1 Mediabase chart… we only have easy access to the Christian CAC chart.

    Published Christian AC Chart – This chart consists of the weekly total spins on selected monitored stations in the Christian AC format. The data is compiled from a 7-Day cycle beginning Sunday and ending Saturday. Published weekly in USA Today.

    Published Audience Chart – This chart consists of the weekly total audience numbers, provided by Nielsen data, on selected monitored stations including all Christian formats. The data is compiled from a 7-Day cycle beginning Sunday and ending Saturday.

    Activator Charts – These format-specific charts consist of the total weekly spins on both monitored and non-monitored (reported airplay) stations. Activator charts are available in the Christian AC, Christian Hot AC, Christian Rock, and Christian Soft AC formats. The data is compiled from a 7-Day cycle beginning Sunday and ending Saturday.

    BTW, In Danny’s celebratory Facebook Live event today he talked about announcing the headliner for his Hope Encounter Tour later this week. Since I assumed it was a new client of Maximum Artist, I went over to see the artists on their roster (to see if I could guess who it was) and I don’t see Danny listed anymore. Or Penny:

    No congratulations to Danny for winning Klove Male Artist of the Year. I remember Danny thanking Penny, did he thank Mitch in his acceptance speech? I wonder if Penny is now his sole manager, or did she travel with Danny to a new management firm? If true that he has left Maximum Artist, its after the release of HSIY since Mitch and Penny are thanked in the album liner notes.

    His Facebook page hasn’t been updated recently. It still lists BMG and Maximum Artists…

  23. Penny has been with Danny since about mid 2011 (with SHF) and then with Maximum Artists in 2012. I have tried to snoop out who he is joining (Hopefully the managers for TobyMac or Mandisa?) but no luck, yet.

    With Maximum, Danny’s openers were often musicians also represented by them: Riley Clemmons, Natalie Grant, Tauren Wells, Social Club Misfits, and even the choreographer, Laurieann Gibson. Plus his longtime producer, Bernie Herms.

    I wonder what caused the departure?

  24. Its good to see HSIY still is on the top of the Mediabase chart (and with a bullet!)

    lw: Jun 23 – Jun 29 TW: Jun 30 – Jul 6
    lw TW Artist Title TW lw Move Aud
    1 1 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Haven’t Seen It Yet 2303 2274 29 13.331
    2 2 I AM THEY Scars 2177 2194 -17 12.487
    3 3 FOR KING & COUNTRY God Only Knows 2007 2106 -99 12.54
    4 4 Up this week BIG DADDY WEAVE Alive 1992 1886 106 12.525

  25. The mediabase CAC top spot might be only 3 because the night of the first Sunday it hit #1, it slipped to #2 by one spin with the full update at 7PM. Since the Christian chart doesn’t publish a weekly chart on Mediabase, I don’t know if it made it that week or not. Regardless, its great to see such a high audience impression for such an extended period. Its a song that really is resonating with people.

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen Danny perform in a sleeveless T. He might have been inspired by Skillet – which was to perform right after Danny. He seemed really impressed by them. I think Skillet is the reason you see so many young men in this crowd. Danny tends to draw a more female, pop-oriented audience:


    And Admin2, you beat me this time on the Big Ticket Festival. I knew about 2019, not 2020. Interesting that Mandisa gets higher billing in this festival than Danny. But he deifnitely has climbed the billing ladder since he released HIFOM in 2014!. (Funny that they haven’t updated their link to include 2020….)

  26. I hope its just not a great recording of the sound on the above short video. Danny sounds really hoarse to me.

    Off topic comment. I’ve seen a photographer’s videos of Lionel Ritchie in concert. I have to wonder if he is relying on some back tape of his vocals. He didn’t have the microphone near his face a number of times in the videos I saw. I’ve seen other artists do the same…

  27. I didn’t notice the hoarseness, Jan. (Would have to listen again.) Although I do worry that Danny may not take sufficient care of his voice — perhaps takes it for granted at times. His voice is fairly resilient compared to some artists, but . . .

    The young men may be in the audience for Skillet, but they are getting introduced to Danny, and I see some moving their heads/bodies, which is always a good sign . . .

    I don’t like wife-beater T-shirts on anyone . . .

  28. Ellen, I agree that it is a good thing for Danny’s performance to be in front of a new type of audience. I saw another segment when he sang Tuyo and it was very enthusiastically received. BTW, I don’t think Danny was wearing a that style of shirt. This had a hoodie attached and was just sleeveless. Much more coverage than the A-Style undershirt.

    a shirt

  29. A fourth week at the top of the Billboard Christian Airplay and Christian AC song charts!

    Wow! What a beast!

  30. I can’t access the Billboard Christian AC Activator chart, yet, but here is this week’s (7=20-19) official chart results. The bolded category is this week’s rank

    Chart name / Artist/ Title /Date (peak)/Rank (peak) /Weeks on Chart /Label
    Top Christian Albums Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-07-20
    (2019-04-27) 27 (2) 13 Sparrow
    Christian Digital Song Sales Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-07-20
    (2019-05-25) 7 (5) 26 Sparrow
    Christian Streaming Songs Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-07-20
    (2019-04-27) 22 (20) 11 Sparrow
    Hot Christian Songs Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-07-20
    (2019-05-11) 4 (3) 26 Sparrow
    Christian Airplay Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-07-20
    (2019-06-29) 1 (1) 25 Sparrow
    Christian Album Sales Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-07-20
    (2019-04-27) 7 (1) 13 Sparrow
    Christian AC Songs Danny Gokey Haven’t Seen It Yet 2019-07-20
    (2019-06-29) 1 (1) 23 Sparrow
    Christian Album Sales Danny Gokey Rise 2019-07-20
    (2017-02-04) 43 (1) 92 BMG

  31. Its nice to see “Rise” to get back on the Top 50 Christian Albums chart this week.

  32. I checked out youTube videos of Lifest/Danny and I’d say this version of “September” was good, but he forgot the words of “The Comeback”..

  33. I saw on Twitter that a CCM magazine ran Danny’s photo on the aging app that apparently is making the rounds? And according to the New York Post, there are security-related concerns about the app’s developers and the terms and conditions of use:


    (I have no idea how accurate the information in the Post is.) That said, Danny aged very gracefully in the app. He was a good-looking old geezer!

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