Danny Gokey News & Discussion- August 2019

Danny Gokey sings at lifest photo by Troy W.L

Danny Gokey Performs for the 1st Time at Lifest

Our thanks to Troy WL for sharing his photos of Danny in Oshkosh, Wisconsin with us.

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14 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion- August 2019

  1. Bring on the next single, Danny & Capital CMG! While HSIY has just fallen to #2 on the Billboard and Mediabase charts, we want the new song and maybe a Christmas song by late November?!?

  2. Love these live shots…can’t wait until the Hope Encounter tour this fall!! Will New Day be the next single out??? I’m hoping!!gokeygroupie

  3. Re eyewear, I liked the Sofia Vergara, especially if it really does come in “smaller eye sizes and temple lengths.” Also liked the Lisa Loeb. The Zendaya one is aesthetically pleasing, but I can’t imagine it in use as anything but sunglasses. IMO, there are very few faces who could wear that particular Danny Gokey frame well. But perhaps there is greater variety in the rest of the line. Really hated the Gigi Hadid — not because it is retro but because it’s impractical. Can’t imagine anyone wearing it as other than a prop.

  4. Thank you, Jan.

    Hope everyone that is going to Danny’s upcoming tour has a great time! I can’t believe it was almost a year since attending his tour on the west coast. Enjoyed it very much. Know it will be another success. 🙂

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