Danny Gokey News & Discussion- September 2019

Danny Gokey at the Hope Encounter by Troy Lechleitner

The Hope Encounter Tour II

Danny Gokey and Coby James head out at the end of the month for the second year of the Hope Encounter Tour! The first show takes place on Thursday, September 26 in LaFayette LA and concludes Novermber 17th in Naperville, IL. We’ve heard Danny say that he will be rehearsing for four days prior to the tour kickoff. We’re guessing the song list will include his singles (HIFOM, TYHTBA, MTYTIA, Rise, The Comeback, Masterpiece, IYAII, and HSIY) and then some songs from his recently released album: Fighter, New Day, Wanted, Love God, Love People, and then??? Will he throw in a gospel cover or maybe a pop cover?

We are still to learn, wardrobe (hair) and dance moves for this year’s tour! We are excited to see this second headlining tour underway!

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Our thanks to Troy WL for sharing this photo of Danny in last year’s “Hope Encounter Tour” as we get ready for its second year!

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19 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion- September 2019

  1. I’m so excited!!!! And as usual I’m counting the days (64 to go for me…) and can’t wait to see ALL the guys again. They are an amazingly talented group and I can’t wait to be uplifted once again!! gokeygroupie

  2. Angelsnell, where are you seeing Danny & Co.? Not necessarily location-wise, but what event? The new tour with the really young opening act (Coby?)?

  3. Anyone have any idea about dishes or recipes that call for cooked/cooking tomatoes? I have some heirloom tomatoes from the farmers’ market but am not up for making tomato sauce (which I did several times this summer). I cannot eat raw tomatoes because they upset my stomach. I don’t really know how to cook; I only know how to make certain things. (I make pretty darn good tomato sauce and a really good lasagna.) So I am looking for a simple dish/recipe that incorporates tomatoes that are or will be cooked.

  4. Hi Ellen, when I have an abundance of tomatoes, I turn to chilli. I blanch the tomatoes, take off the skin and the seeds and then cook them with a couple of kinds of beans, onions, hamburger, chilli powder and cumin.

  5. I can’t do beans so I don’t eat chili. But I’m thinking of mixing in tomatoes with quinoa and maybe another grain, along with maybe some spinach, corn, and turkey breast.

  6. I saw Jan passing on the tweet about a new single being announced.

    Best guesses? I like New Day the best, but there could be other choices.

  7. It is going to be Wanted, Admin. I am almost 100% sure. Danny has mentioned it a couple of times…

    I like New Day, too. But I think “Wanted” will do well and could then lead to New Day ☺️

  8. Danny has registered a few new songs with BMI, including a new Christmas song:

    BMI Work # 31044277
    ISWC # T-929029248-7
    Total Controlled by BMI: 33.34%

    GOKEY DANNY BMI 600623891


  9. Some hints on the new Christmas album. It says the release date is 10/25/19.

    I like that. Nice and early ☺️

    I bet you do!

  10. Sooo… Danny is recording his music video today?

    @McGuire44: I will be starring in the new Danny Gokey music video tomorrow!!! Thank you lord for open doors and favor 🙏🏼

  11. From an instastory, Danny’s new video is set in a diner. And he did grow out his hair (somewhat….) Not Rise long, but longer than this summer’s hair, LOL!

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