Video: Behind the Music – Wanted

Wanted by Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey and his team are getting ready to release the next single, “Wanted”.  They have just released this video of the story behind the writing of the song with Jess Cates.

Jess has many successful songs check out the list HERE.

We don’t know the impact date, yet, for “Wanted” but with the fact that it is one of the Top 5 songs being streamed by the radio industry, it must be soon –  and the official music video was shot in Nashville this week!



One thought on “Video: Behind the Music – Wanted

  1. Getting all choked up over this small snippet of the reason behind the song as it has affected me tremendously and has totally brought me closer to God and strengthened my faith…Danny and his team has done it once again gokeygroupie

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