Danny Gokey News & Discussion- October 2019


The Hope Encounter Tour Launched!

Danny Gokey and Coby James  are out on the road each week through November 17th on the the second year of the Hope Encounter Tour!

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Our thanks to Chelle P for sharing her photos with us!  You can follow her on Instagram at Sidestage Photogal or on Facebook. These photos were taken at Carowinds Christian Music Day Concert.

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  1. Mark Lowry interviewed Danny before his concert this weekend. Danny’s segment is approximately at the 10 minute mark through 22.

  2. Amazing video that gets me even more pumped!!! I CANNOT WAIT!! gokeygroupie

  3. I’m pretty proud of myself, Admin2 is on vacation and I didn’t take down the site when I added the new Christmas CD to the sidebar of our website 🙂

  4. Wanted slides into #49 on the Mediabase CAC chart:
    5 49 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Wanted 51 28 23 0.073

  5. A positive comment about Danny at that other site, in a concert thread, by someone who is a fan of another Idol . . .

  6. Hi Elllen, Admin2 and Angelsnell,

    It was good to see a positive comment about Danny at “that other site”. Thanks for adding to it Ellen. Danny continues to work on his stage presence and how he show comes together. He actually scheduled 4 days of practice before this tour started. And with a new choreographer. (Not sure how well the new dance moves stick, but its stretching him regardless!0

    Hopefully the rain is over for us for a few days. Its been a very soggy start to fall. We have flooding on some of our local roads and the creeks are higher than we normally see at spring thaw!

  7. I was thinking of Admin2 yesterday as I played my Toby Keith CD, “Clancy’s Tavern.”

  8. The new season of American Idol is taping auditions in Milwaukee yesterday and today. Of course a few familiar names are mentioned:

    “And one of “Idol”‘s best-known contestants, Christian singer Danny Gokey, who placed third on the show in Season 8, is from Milwaukee, and a homecoming was filmed for the show.”


  9. I see at the other site Wanted is creeping toward top 40

    Danny Gokey:
    “Haven’t Seen it Yet” [Album]: Christian 26 (34)
    “Wanted”: Christian Airplay 41 (48); Christian Songs 43 (50)

    I haven’t heard it yet on radio but I had the DC CCM station on for a bit yesterday and heard both Haven’t Seen It Yet and The Comeback.

  10. Nice to see Danny is presenting at the Dove Awards again. Though I’m still a bit mystified why he didn’t score a nomination for single or album.

  11. I find it hard to imagine that a successful and impactful song like “Haven’t Seen It Yet” didn’t get a nomination, too. I wonder if Danny had already left Maximum when the songs were submitted for consideration? Also, how large a role does a label have in submitting/ advocating for the Dove Awards.

    Things we don’t know…

  12. I’m sad to hear that, too. But, I don’t consider awards that important. Yes, I’m always excited about Danny’s nominations, and wins.. but, the fans are what matter. I think Danny has a lot of them. The fan awards I take a little more seriously. Only a little. I want to see lots of crowds at his concerts, and lots of album sells. 🙂

    I wonder how Danny’s concerts are going? Hopefully, lots of people, and he’s having a great time!

    Happy weekend!!

    Well, maybe that Grammy win would be nice. 😉

  13. Happy weekend to you, too, Cindy.

    I’ve attended the Dove Awards twice. It was fun to see how an awards show is taped (from the audience perspective. I’ve also been in audience for the CMA Christmas special…) I’d almost forgotten that the awards were next week. I believe that Danny last performed in 2017 (The Comeback).

    Cindy, I haven’t heard of any sell outs on the tour (although Danny indicated that Myrtle Beach was close?) but they are in churches without assigned seating, so I would imagine they feel pretty full!

    The performances seem to be going over well. I don’t see as many interviews popping up, but then, I haven’t been searching as much as in past years. The grandkids etc have me happily pre-occupied 🙂

  14. Has Danny’s new management come to light yet?

    ETA – if not, you’d have to think they should be listed on the new Christmas CD coming out shortly

  15. I don’t understand the music industry. Is Danny still with Capitol? Why Danny Gokey Entertainment?

  16. Cindy, Danny’s label hasn’t changed, just his management company. Danny Gokey Entertainment has been around since he left American Idol. It is his LLC for business purposes. It use to be listed on his bus, lol.

    However he use to have Mission Management (Rendy) and then Maximum Artists (Mitch) as management representatives. Penny has followed Danny, but I believe she was a sub contractor to Maximum, not an employee?

    His bookings are still through CAA.

    We will figure it out. We always do…. ☺️

  17. I remember seeing Danny’s video and thinking it could be nominated. Happy it won.

    Interesting that Tauren Wells toured with Danny last year. It was as if he replaced Danny in that category. 😉 I enjoyed his performance. You just never know. Awards can be fickle at times.. 🙂

  18. I think the Dove Awards came out with a lot of great winners this year. Glad to see the awards spread around. Here’s a video of Danny talking in the press room after:


    PS. I don’t think he was at the pre-broadcast when his award was actually presented. The producer and director accepted the award. He said in his live instastory he didn’t expect to win.

  19. I wonder how much Jan slipped the one interviewer to ask about the Christmas album 🙂

    Can I say, I’m glad to see the hair is grown back …

  20. I’d ask for a refund, Admin2. Danny only said he finished two projects, had a baby, is touring so much and needs a break! No Christmas music tidbits!! 😝

  21. Danny is very busy. I hope he gets some well deserved rest before his Christmas tour. My husband and I are hoping to see him in Riverside. 🙂

    Some of my previous posts may have sounded a little off. I had NO idea Danny was nominated for best video. I read too fast, and thought that Danny wasn’t nominated for any category. And, I think I mixed up the Dove Awards with the K-Love Awards.. Oh well. Congratulations to everyone!!

    I like Danny’s look on his RISE album. 🙂

  22. I agree, Cindy. I like Danny’s hair to be of the longer length. This is much better than the buzz off he’s had recently, but he has good hair. I like it longer on the sides and top.

    I am glad you will get to see Danny at Riverside! How awesome!

  23. Now, I really don’t like that Danny is driving while making his videos with Leyicet… but, they are so funny. Danny was a little embarrassed in the most recent one. 😉

  24. So shocking that TobyMac’s son has died.

  25. Came on this site to post. Couldn’t sleep, so I was reading. Very sorry for TobyMac’s loss. I can’t even imagine the heartache. Very, very sad. ♥

  26. Yes, the tragedy for TobyMac’s family is unimaginable.

    I really hate those “can’t sleep times”…. this morning, when it happened, I downloaded Danny’s new Christmas album – even tho Amazon is delivering a hard copy sometime today.

    Its currently at #7 on itunes Christian Albums, #26 on Amazon Christian Albums. I haven’t decided on my favorites, yet. The most surprising was the style and message of Christmas Night.

  27. So sorry for TobyMac and his family. Does anyone know how old the son was? Not that age makes any difference in a loss like this. To a parent, your child is always your child.

  28. Never mind. I found the in memoriam on Twitter, which has a photo of TobyMac’s son. How tragic!

  29. Such a terrible tragedy. Tru was only 21. He had just moved out on his own and had his first solo concert…..

    Danny’s climbing the album charts. Currently #5 and #6 (Amazon and iTunes)

  30. Wanted is up two spots this morning, at #41 on Mediabase. This one seems to be climbing slowly.

    I wonder if they aren’t moving it very fast because they Christmas songs will soon be hitting the charts, too?

    I expect Danny will release one or two Christmas songs for the holiday charts.

    Anyone want to guess what Christmas songs will chart from Danny?

  31. Billboard has really tightened up what I can access of the chart info without a paid subscription. 🙁

    The other site reports the following:

    Christian Album Sales:
    #1 – Lauren Daigle (59 weeks) : +3
    #9 – Danny Gokey – Haven’t Seen It Yet (28 weeks) : +3
    #17 – Danny Gokey – The Greatest Gift (2 weeks) : +22

    Considering that the Greatest Gift came out less than a week ago, I am confused how it was reported as on a billboard chart last week….

    And Danny sold more of his HSIY album than the new release.

  32. PS. Streaming of HSIY might be playing into it doing better than the new Christmas album, so far The Prayer has the most views on YouTube.

  33. Praise the Lord for people of like mind that have the influence you have Danny! Bless you and yours, sir! Your testimony is extravagant! It has blessed me so greatly as I journeyed through the loss of my precious Daddy six years ago. I met you in Lexington, Ky the other night, thank you for being so compassionate and kind. Keep being a light!

  34. Hi, Melissa.

    Just received Danny’s Christmas CD. Can’t wait to listen!

    Watching California fires once again. 🙁


  35. I’m listening to Danny’s new Christmas CD. So far, I like it. I have really enjoyed his first Christmas CD. The Prayer is so beautiful. I have a question. Can The Prayer be nominated by itself now that it is on a CD? I think I may know the answer, but wanted to hear it from the experts. 🙂

  36. Hey Cindy,

    The Prayer was released as a Christmas single in November of 2018. I think it’s window for a nomination is past. Here is how I reported on December 18, 2018:

    This week Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant’s duet, “The Prayer” made some impressive leaps on the Christian charts!

    Christian Airplay peaks at #16, last week #36, making it the greatest gainer on this Billboard chart (week ending December 22, 2018) in its fourth week.

    Hot Christian Songs #25, last week #42.

  37. Thanks, Jan. I know the song was out for a while, but was still hoping. 🙂
    I enjoyed Danny’s new album. But, I really like his first Christmas album. Am I wrong to say that. Both are very, very good.

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