Danny Gokey News & Discussion- November 2019

Mason Photography of Danny Gokey on Hope Encounter Tour in Houston

The Hope Encounter Tour Concludes on November 17th

The final show of Danny Gokey”s  Hope Encounter Tour with Coby James is drawing to a close.  But don’t fret, the Celebrate Christmas tour will roll out shortly after!  It starts December 4th in Colorado Springs and ends near Seattle Washington on December 21st.

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Our thanks to Tori Mason for sharing her photos with us!  You can follow her on Instagram at Mason Photography or on Facebook. These photos were taken in Houston on the Hope Encounter Tour.

Danny Gokey Band photo by Mason Photography

If you haven’t already done, so, please consider ordering a copy of Danny’s newest album (or one of his others..) though our Amazon Affiliate link below!

22 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion- November 2019

  1. Counting the days until I see all “the guys”….traveling 3-1/2 hours this time and it’s a journey that I’ve been looking forward to more than ever…the songs on this new album have touched me, molded me, helped me, made me cry and made me shout with joy….Danny and his team have done it again!! Gokeygroupie

  2. I hope you get good traveling weather for your concert, Angelsnell! We are experiencing our second snow fall of the season and “nobody’s got time for that!”

  3. I know Ellen, but when I get time to post it, I do it! 😉 Otherwise it could end up late, LOL.

  4. Happy November! We have about 4 inches of snow on the ground…. hopefully it will be gone soon and we can resume fall, LOL!

    I think “Wanted” is one of Danny’s slowest moving songs that he’s had in awhile. I could be that stations It also has the lowest AI of the songs around it.

    40 39 Up this week JOSH WILSON OK 145 134 11 0.417
    45 40 Up this week NEON FEATHER Safe f/Chris Cron 127 109 18 0.548
    42 41 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Wanted 127 114 13 0.139
    46 42 Up this week CHRIS MCCLARNEY I’m Listening f/Hollyn 124 74 50 1.066
    43 43 Up this week THRIVE WORSHIP I Still Believe (Faithful…) 122 114 8 0.199

  5. Happy Autumn, Everyone!

    Very cold here. They are blowing snow at one of the tubing runs, but not our ski/snowboard mountains, yet.

    Is the new CD doing as well as RISE?

  6. ..I do know Autumn begins in September. Just wishing for more Autumn days before Winter begins. 😉

  7. The Holidays Are Here is my favorite from the xmas album.It is light and fun.The other ones are emotionally bit of heavy for me.There are several really good songs on it.But I was expecting some joyful tracks.Then again I dont celebrate xmas.Maybe I just get the faulse idea about xmas in the first place.

  8. I agree with you, Mr Bing…., I rhink Danny has added more religious weight to even standard Christmas songs. I think Christmas is Here was more balanced, but of course I am grateful to have more DG Christmas music.

    Our snow is melting today, so it is a wet mess outside… I am hoping for dry weather so the many leaves that have fallen (and about to fall) can blow away! (We live surrounded by ag fields, so I don’t have to worry about annoying my neighbors…

    Unfortunately, rain and below normal temps are predicted for next week, here.


  9. Hi everyone, using a different email as I couldn’t figure how to login my usual way, when trying through my phone. Oops. (Admin2,)

    Is this the first time we’ve seen Danny get a writing credit on a song recorded by another artist?


    I haven’t listened to the full new EP yet. Just sampled the audio from YT. (With apologies to Jan, it’s too early for me to get Christmas music!!) I liked the duet with David A, nice combination of two good but very different vocalists.

  10. From that other website, here is what they report as Billboard chart positions. (I really don’t like that Billboard has made chart access a paid service….I haven’t been willing to shell out for the monthly fee since they changed access.)

    Danny Gokey:
    “Haven’t Seen it Yet” [Album]: Christian 34 (24)
    “The Greatest Gift” A Christmas Collection”: Album 99 (NEW); Holiday Album 11 (23); Holiday Album Sales 5 (8)
    “Wanted”: Christian Airplay 41 (44); Christian Songs 45 (34)

  11. Not an awards person, but very excited for Danny’s nomination.
    He’s worked very hard. I agree with you, Jan.
    Since I have been a Danny Gokey fan for all these years… yes, I did do a little jump at his nominations. What a journey he’s been on. Very proud!

  12. Hi guys!

    Congrats again Danny! I remember the header for Danny’s twitter account many years ago was about having Grammy’s one day. It is giving me goosebumps thinking that he’ll win this. I’m so happy and proud of him.

    God bless you all. I missed you.

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