Videos & Photos: the Hope Encounter Tour Finale

Danny Gokey, the Hope Encounter 2019

The Danny Gokey Band Wows a Sold Out Show

I was fortunate to take in the final concert of Danny Gokey’s “Hope Encounter Tour” at a suburb of Chicago.  This was likely the biggest sell out audience of the tour.  It was announced that the Naperville venue had over 2,700 attendees!  I can believe it!  I also think it was the largest VIP line I had ever seen.  I conservatively estimated 200 people (my husband thought it was closer to 300) waited in line to have a picture taken with Danny before the VIPs could claim the best seats for the night.

Danny was on vocal rest before the show, so he can only smile (and give out some warm hugs) as we waited for our picture.  In the following video you can tell his speaking voice is a little hoarse, but he gave it his all when singing. I noticed he was wearing tennis shoes (after his feet were carefully wrapped to protect his burned feet) and I was told he would be dancing.  Boy, did he!  Danny treated us to a lot of well planned moves and dance routines. We are pleased to have these videos from the final show courtesy of Diane Rowley. Thank you Diane!!

Danny Gokey Band in Chicago 11-19
If You Ain’t In It

Danny Gokey and Eric Ramey in Naperville, IL
Wanted with Danny’s Intro:

Danny added a couple of Christmas songs to the concert.  And since it was the last night of the tour, his elves (crew) got in on the dancing! The Holidays Are Here








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Crowd favorite: #TellYourHeartToBeatAgain by @dannygokey 💔❤️ #Dannygokeynews #dannygokey. And as you can tell, Danny’s feet are well enough for SHOES!!


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And the crowd favorite, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”

And “Rise”

Right before the intermission, Danny did a monologue.  It turned out to really be a donation plea to sponsor children via World Vision.  But it was unlike any speech I had ever seen him give. Yes, it included info about things I have heard him talk about (like his not impressive grade point, his closet rental….) but also a parody of God talking to Gideon, the disciples and more! I think it was the best World Vision outreach speech I had ever seen. And it also explains why he was plagued with vocal strain for this tour. That’s a lot of talking and singing! Let me know what you think:

Danny’s #1 single, “Haven’t Seen It Yet” was another favorite of the night:

Danny closed the show by

  • introducing each member of his band,
  • thanking his music director, Eric Ramey (who is moving on to focus on producing)
  • the band bowing to the crowd
  • And a final shout out to his mom, who was in attendance!

An excellent end to Danny’s second headlining tour of the “The Hope Encounter”.

NOTE:  The tour hit 31 cities in the fall of 2019 and it took two tour buses and a semi truck with trailer for the stage lights and gear!

2 thoughts on “Videos & Photos: the Hope Encounter Tour Finale

  1. Each concert gets better and better…he never disappoints…just like our God!!! gokeygroupie

  2. How exciting. I think last October the line to meet Danny was close to 200. I remember how long it was. We had a pretty good crowd.

    Just ordered our tickets for his Christmas tour. I knew I should have ordered them sooner. We will be in the middle section, which is fine. It may be a sold out venue.

    For all of you who have gone to Danny’s Christmas tour… what do you wear? Casual, dressy, jeans?? I never know.. Thanks.

    Very happy for Danny’s successful tour. And, his feet are feeling better.

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