Interview: The Greatest Gift – Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey Talks Making Christmas Classics

This is a nice interview by Jason Brow of the “Hollywood Life” and it includes some new Christmas photos of Danny Gokey. The writer says Danny’s new album, “The Greatest Gift: A Christmas Collection” can be described as joyful and triumphant. Danny Gokey tells the writer:

I really do want to write a ‘big Christmas holiday classic,’ and you got to chase those down. They’re not easy to accomplish. For a song to turn into a Christmas classic, it’s just really got to reverberate and dig into the hearts of many people.

Here are some tidbits the Danny offers about his songs:

  1. “Holidays are Here,”it’s just a big song.
  2. We got a song called “Until You,” which is really special. A lot of people are really jiving for that one,
  3. and another one called “Christmas Night that,” I didn’t write on it. I just loved it the moment I heard it. I think it was originally written for a big country artist. It ended up not making her record a couple of years ago. A friend of mine who wrote it like, “Dude, you need to hear this song.” I heard it, I said, “Bro, I’m cutting that one.”

Read the full interview HERE.

Danny Gokey Christmas promo pic

photos by Cameron Powell

5 thoughts on “Interview: The Greatest Gift – Danny Gokey

  1. Nice photos! The pretty blue velvet jacket (not everybody could pull that off…) kind of makes up for the super short hair, Danny.

  2. Loving this Christmas album and all the unique songs…it fills you with joy and puts a pep in your step at the same time!! Danny Gokey does it again with an amazingly talented album that really puts a new spin of being in the holiday spirit!! gokeygroupie

  3. This is all so beautiful awe inspiring It is breaktaking and I can’t find enough words to describe it Marvellous

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