Video: The Holidays Are Here!!

Danny gokey songs The Holidays Are Here

First Danny Gokey Christmas Video of 2019

Danny Gokey’s newly penned and recorded Christmas song, “The Holidays Are Here” is bound to get you in the Christmas spirit!  The song is on Danny’s just released album, “The Greatest Gift: A Christmas Collection” and it is written by Danny, Colby Wedgeworth and Ben Glover.

Its so fun to see Danny’s family getting in on this holiday video.  They are adorable!
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2 thoughts on “Video: The Holidays Are Here!!

  1. Just watched Danny’s new Christmas video. I really like the song. Makes you want to get up and move. But, I have to say… Danny and Leyicet’s children are sooooo darn cute!! Danny is so handsome.. Victoria is so pretty, and looking over Gabriel.. Gabriel’s smile and those dimples… and baby Emmanuel, so precious. Danny looks so happy, and I know the video will be a success.

  2. It is my favorite song from the album.I love this video.Spending time with your family is what holidays are for.

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