Welcome to 2020! Danny Gokey News & Discussion- January

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A New Decade and Its Looking Sharp!

With the new decade of “20/20”, we decided to feature (and flashback) to Danny’s many looks while representing his own line of eye wear with Match Eyewear!

His newest releases are available HERE.  Find a retailer with this LINK.

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While we love the new looks, these still look great to us!

Of course, having an eye wear line is not Danny’s first priority!  There’s his beautiful family, a successful recording and touring career and soon (!!) the launch of his new “Better Than I Found It” video series!

We wish Danny, and all of his fans that visit here, much success and happiness in the near year!!

If you haven’t already done, so, please consider ordering a copy of one of Danny’s new albums (or one of his others..) though our Amazon Affiliate link below!

29 thoughts on “Welcome to 2020! Danny Gokey News & Discussion- January

  1. Best wishes for your BEST year ever! Happy New Year!

    Danny’s “Wanted” has re-entered the Mediabase CAC chart. Long way to go, but its back.

    141 38 Up this week LIFE.CHURCH WORSHIP Where The Spirit Of The Lord.. 142 19 123 0.412
    140 39 Up this week MICHAEL W. SMITH Waymaker (Live) 138 19 119 0.391
    4 40 WE ARE MESSENGERS This Is Jesus 136 443 -307 0.745
    183 41 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Wanted 123 8 115 0.157

  2. Happy New Year!

    Thank you, Jan and ADMIN2, for all that you do to keep Danny’s fan site running. 🙂

    Very nice photos.

    What would everyone think if Danny shaved his beard? Just a question for conversation. I know not everyone liked Danny’s very short hair. I’m a fan of the left photo above.

    The snowflakes are pretty. But, I am so tired of shoveling snow. 🙁

    Healthy and Happy 2020!!

  3. That seems very late this year for the official start of winter. I hope spring starts early too 🙂

    I’d wondered about Wanted coming back on the charts. Maybe they were letting it float a bit before the holidays and it will see a stronger radio push now.

  4. Hi! Cindy, I think it would be interesting to see Danny go with the longer hair he appears to be wearing and no beard. And for a real change, contacts too? But then this whole post about DG Eyewear would seem a bit odd 😳😆😎

  5. Danny’s HSITY seemed so popular in 2019, I really don’t think the radio team was pushing Wanted.

    I expect it to get a real push starting next week.

    But that is just my guess, of course.

  6. Another nice day here. We had so much snow and cold in early November…. but since then we are having a mild winter. I wonder when we will next get clobbered?!?

    Probably very soon. Our new solar energy system just went online today 😉

    PS. Danny’s wanted has moved up to #36

  7. According to Billboard’s chart info, Danny’s on two charts as of 1/4/20

    DANNY GOKEY CC (Christian Albums) #41; CST (Christian Songs) #47

  8. Danny, Leyicet and kids are flying to Houston. Danny will be guest worship leader at Joel Oste en’s Lakewood Church. (Correction: without kids)

    Lakewood schedule

    I believe all of the services are available live:


    I am intrigued that Danny is doing the mega churches, again. I haven’t figured out the strategy for that. Perhaps its to get a regular income coming in while he takes a break from touring? This is something he seems comfortable doing with the whole family in tow. (He was at a Miami mega church last weekend.).

    Correction: he stopped at a Houston radio station with just Leyicet on Friday, too.)

  9. Wanted is at #36 on Mediabase CAC this morning. Slow climb, but I saw on twitter that it is being played by KLOVE. Always a good sign for Danny’s songs.

  10. Danny has performed New Day, Wanted, Haven’t Seen It Yet & TYHTBA at the church services at Lakewood. Currently watching the 8:30 service and Danny is in between songs, talking about his last 10 years and sharing his words of hope.

  11. Hello to Everyone,

    Hope the new year is going well for all.

    My husband and I went to Disneyland to check out the new Star Wars ride. We are finally old. There were so many restrictions to go on the ride, we decided it wasn’t for us. I think we’ll stick to, It’s a Small World. 😉

    Is anyone going on the KLove Cruise?

  12. I know that I mentioned I’m not a fan of award shows. But, I did say that I would be excited for Danny if he were nominated for a Grammy. Or, because it’s Danny… any award show. 😉 That said, I would like to wish Danny and his team all the best at the Grammy’s tomorrow night. Win or not win.. very proud of his nominations. 🙂

    Will Danny be attending, and will his category be televised?

  13. Hi Cindy, Danny’s category will be in the pre-Grammy telecast.

    Its call the Grammy Premier Ceremony and it is available online at


    It starts at 12:30 PM PST (which is 2:30 CST)

    So we will know if Danny receives an award before the actual show. I remember watching the show last time to see if his category winner was even announced. I don’t think it was announced.

    I also got blasted by a fan that thought I was breaking news and ruining the broadcast for them by congratulating Danny on the nomination…

  14. Thank you, Jan.

    Very sad day for basketball fans, and fans of Kobe Bryant. And, for the other passengers and families. Very familiar with the area. My daughter lived there for a while. So very tragic. 🙁

  15. Danny has been nominated for multiple Grammys now. And while a win would be nice, the nominations themselves are an honor.

  16. Cindy3, I was just about to post the news about Kobe Bryant and his daughter, and the other passengers of the helicopter crash. It’s terribly tragic.

  17. I read more information about the crash. On it were two or three young women heading to a basketball tournament. One was Kobe’s daughter. Terrible loss for all of the families. I think one family last the mom, dad and daughter.

    For anyone wanting to see photos of Danny on the Red Carpet I have them at


    It looks like the Grammy’s don’t let the spouses walk with the nominees. At least not for the photos.

  18. Good morning! And happy February! Danny’s on the klove cruise out of Miami. I will update the concert schedules for some new shoes (shows!!) and get a new post up later today for February Discussion.

    I hope our very snowy month (of January) will give way to sunnier days in February!

  19. The K-Love cruise brings back memories of the Danny Gokey cruises of yesteryear, during the country era. I met so many wonderful Danny Gokey fans, including Jan, Pam, admin #2, and others. I didn’t go to the first Summerfest concert, so I believe cruise #1 was when I first met you, Jan. I think I may have met Toni before that, at the Sugarland concert on the East Coast. And I met Darla when Danny did the private concert at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas. (I remember because it was right after I had my first bad fall.)

  20. As for the weather, it was 61 degree here yesterday. In January! We could use some of your cold weather, Jan. Not a lot — just enough to kill the bugs.

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