Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- February 2020

New Single “Wanted” is Moving UP!

Danny Gokey’s second single from his latest album, “Haven’t Seen It Yet” moves up to #22 on the Billboard National Christian Airplay chart/  Its also nearly top 30 on the Mediabase CAC chart.  Good to see it climbing after the holiday break.

25 16
637 +43 1.550 22

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I like hearing the story on how songs are written – does anyone remember when Danny was part of a live production of “The Shack”?  Shallow comment: this video of Danny in this shaved hairstyle really is kind of shock all over again 😉

If you haven’t already done, so, please consider ordering a copy of one of Danny’s new albums (or one of his others..) though our Amazon Affiliate link below!

29 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- February 2020

  1. Love this song and literally every song on this album!! Praying it goes straight to the top!! gokeygroupie

  2. Hi everyone, just checking in.

    Sorry that Danny did not win either of his GRAMMY nominations but it really is a major career honor to be nominated. Perhaps a future year will be his time.

    Did anyone see the article with Kathie Lee Gifford talking about writing an “oratorio” to feature Danny? I’m not sure how to envision that, but interesting idea.

  3. Hi, ANGELSNELL, and ADMIN2.

    I was wondering if anyone went on the K-Love Cruise? Hope it was a good time for all.

    Hope everyone is well. Already February, 2020. Time seems to go faster and faster..

  4. Well, I guess Punxsutawney Phil is predicting an early spring. Dang! I need some COLD!

  5. I was not on the K-Love cruise, Cindy3. Instead, I did a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands with a childhood friend and her husband.

  6. A cruise around the Hawaiian Islands sounds wonderful! That is something I would definitley love to do. Ellen, do you have any pointers on selecting the cruise?

    I have not been inclined to go on a Christian music cruise. I do enjoy cruisin’. My favorite was the one with my daughter to Bermuda, but the Sophia’s Heart Cruises will always have a special place in my heart!

    Danny’s “Wanted” is finally picking up some steam. Its been a slow climb. I wonder if it was the song or if the label was making it wait in the queue for some of its other artists? HSIY is still getting lots of spins, so that might also be a factor.

  7. Here is the Mediabase CAC info:

    20 25 PAT BARRETT Better 471 527 -56 4.447
    29 26 Up this week PHIL WICKHAM Great Things 422 340 82 1.429
    26 27 SKILLET Anchor 405 437 -32 1.458
    30 28 Up this week CHRIS MCCLARNEY I’m Listening f/Hollyn 344 322 22 1.899
    31 29 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Wanted 327 274 53 1.686

  8. Hi! I’ve spent a little time trying to clean up and update the calendar of events. The summer festival schedule is rolling out. Still waiting for a hometown show….

  9. I watched most of it, lots o’ Motown 🙂 I enjoyed the two duets especially, who is the first female singer who came out? And Jasmine Murray.

    Danny should think about a duets album sometime with female artists who are well matched to his voice. I was a little confused with the Kari Jobe pairing on the Christmas CD, though it was well-done.

    I’m a little out of date on news, but I see there’s a new tour coming. With a different format? Is there another artist accompanying Danny? From the brief blurbs I’ve seen on it, it sounds like maybe an acoustic show but wasn’t sure.

  10. I agree, ADMIN2.

    I enjoy Danny’s concerts, but would love to see a concert like the one he performed on the cruise. 🙂

  11. Nice opportunity for TN fans

    TN – Danny Gokey with Javen, Host
    by TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)
    Share this event
    Date And Time
    Wed, February 19, 2020

    7:00 PM – 8:00 PM CST

    Huckabee Theater

    1 Music Village Blvd

    Hendersonville, TN 37075

    View Map
    Event description
    Join TBN Nashville’s studio audience as DANNY GOKEY joins JAVEN on Praise. In addition to amazing music, we will discuss praise & worship and God’s restoring power.

    Don’t miss your opportunity to take part! The Huckabee Theater is located on the grounds of Trinity Music City, in Hendersonville, TN.

    Seating is free, but reservations are needed to attend this program. You’re welcome to reserve seats for family and friends; however due to limited seating and age

  12. This second single is not flying up the chart like HSIY did. I’m wondering if it is the song or if its being paced more slowly?

    Only 19 monitored stations (out of 54) are currently playing it on Mediabase CAC chart.

  13. Praying for the people of China who are dealing with the new coronavirus. Also concerned about about Mr. Bing, Lulu, and the other Chinese Danny fans from way back.

  14. I have heard Danny tell his story many times.

    Watching him tell his story on, I Am Second, was heartbreaking, emotional and inspiring, even more this time..

  15. Thank you for thinking of us,Ellen and Cindy.Things are getting better,hopefully it will go back to normal very soon.

  16. Oh, I am so glad you posted, Mr. Bing! I’ve been worried about you and your family. I don’t remember the region where you live, so wasn’t sure if it was affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus, or how badly. Chinese scientists are doing a great job in identifying and studying the virus. Last I heard, there are multiple routes for transmission, and, disturbingly, the timing of testing matters, depending on the type of test used. There could be false negatives. But on the bright side, the incubation period may be much less than 14 days.

    I wish you and your family the best of health, Mr. Bing!

  17. Did you attend the concert, Jan? How exciting for Danny, and his number one fan. 🙂

    I thought Danny sounded great! What an honor.

    Very glad to hear you are doing well, MRBING. 🙂

  18. Hi Cindy, I was able to take a short trip to NYC with a dear friend to see some Broadway Shows, Central Park, the Vessel, the High Line AND Danny at Carnegie Hall. It was a great trip.

    Very happy for Danny that he had this opportunity. It is a beautiful performance venue. As a fan, it was amazing to see where his talent is taking him.

    But, I don’t consider myself his number one fan. I have met a lot of dedicated DG fans qualified for that title! 😊 There were even a few standing by the stage after the show asking Danny to come out to see them.

  19. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Did Danny know you were there?

    “As a fan, it was amazing to see where his talent is taking him.”
    I agree.

    I think Danny has many “number one fans.” 🙂

  20. Cindy, we did have a great time. I really wanted to visit my NY area friends and this was just the added little boost to get out there.

    Danny (and Leyicet) did know we were there. 😊

  21. So glad you got to go to see Danny at Carnegie Hall in NYC. How is tonicny? I’m sure you had a blast. Brings back fond memories of when Danny fans from different areas would join together to attend a concert.

  22. We did have a really nice time. Tonicny is well. We have both been through the loss of our moms and dealing with aging husbands (we aren’t aging, don’t you know 😂😉). Nice to have a partner that likes to walk, but have a quiet time in between bouts of high activity. We cram a lot of sites into a few days. In addition to Carnegie we saw two Broadway shows

  23. Sounds like a memorable trip, Jan.

    I bet Danny and Leyicet were happy to see you both, and all their fans.

    Thank you for posting about your visit. 🙂

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