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With the Covid-19 Pandemic causing the cancellation of most public events (including concerts) we have been lucky to see Danny through multiple streaming performances.  The above photo is from Danny’s singing of “Haven’t Seen It Yet” as a part of Saddleback Church‘s April 26th online service.  They have uploaded his performance and I’ve included it below:

We’ve added a few videos from Danny’s Instagram account.


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By this we know what LOVE is: Jesus laid down His life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. (1 John 3:16) On Saturday, the disciples thought it was all over. But Jesus’ death was not the end. It was the greatest love story in history. As we reflect on the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for us, it compels us to have that same love for Him and for others. My new single ‘Love God Love People’ is a reminder of how that’s what it all comes down to. It can rescue hearts, change lives … and change the world! Get out there & love somebody today! #lovegod #lovepeople #goodnews #hope #sundayiscoming


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Danny’s newest single is making headway on the Billboard and Mediabase charts.  If you haven’t already done, so, please consider ordering a copy of Danny’s new album (or one of his others..) though our Amazon Affiliate link below! “Haven’t Seen It Yet” is on sale for only $6.99 for the audio CD AND a free copy of the MP3!  Buying or streaming Danny’s music is the best way of supporting him right now!  Also, his latest single, “Love God, Love People”, and previous singles, “Haven’t Seen It Yet” and “Wanted” are on that album!

40 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- May & June 2020

  1. Good day, DG fans! How have you been fairing during this trying time?

    I’m thrilled to let you know that Danny’s HSIY CD is currently only $6.99 and includes an auto rip (MP3) when the album is purchased.

    I’m tempted to buy a couple for friends… but you can’t send the MP3 to them 🙁

  2. While the MP3 is advertised at 9.49, if you click on the audio CD for $6.99 you get the MP3 for free! What a deal!

    PS. a portion of the cost of running this site is offset by our participation in the Amazon Affiliate program. We appreciate your support!

  3. I love this acoustic version of this song I can hear your beautiful voice more clearly

  4. Absolutely LOVE your voice and your songs Danny Gokey! Got to see you in Houston and San Antonio, TX and hope to see you in concert again!!!

  5. Hi Admin2. They really do tear up “the Prayer” when they perform together. Great voices. For those of you that want a reminder I will post it here.

    I do believe some relaxation of the pandemic restrictions will occur, but I think the info in the following link on avoiding risk of infection is an eye opener on what could happen if we try to go back to normal too soon: The author, Erin Bromage, is a Comparative Immunologist and Professor of Biology (specializing in Immunology) at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.


    From reading it, (and seeing what just happened in South Korea when they opened night clubs back up) I’m realizing that I probably won’t be seeing Danny & Natalie perform together in concert for awhile. I think indoor concerts will still be a high risk if we don’t have a good vaccine for COVID 19. Even if they are willing to perform, and some people buy tickets, my husband would not want me to bring that type of exposure back to our family. I am in good health, but at our age it could be very dangerous.

  6. It’s definitely a challenging situation to make decisions, and there are a lot of individual, family, and environmental factors; different assessments for each state and locale; different medical opinions, models, and on and on. Argh!

    For me personally, I’ve been taking precautions but still going out for work on an adjusted schedule, doing periodic volunteer assignments out in the community, having things done in my home, and other errands (all within what my state has mandated).

    So I’m leaning not to be fully at home, and that will likely become a little more and more as time goes by.

    My state hasn’t yet relaxed anything much beyond just this week letting non-emergency medical services resume, and some open-air recreational activities that had been closed.

    I’m very glad my older family members with significant medical risk factors are staying at home, though I worry that over time when people are confined at home so much there is growing risk of depression, missed/degraded medical attention, and other unintended consequences that need to be weighed. Not to mention the myriad economic considerations and impacts.

  7. “when people are confined at home so much there is growing risk of depression, missed/degraded medical attention, and other unintended consequences” This is something I think is a bigger concern than I had originally thought about. I’m beginning to hear people say, “I’m so done with this isolation”. Even though the risk of infection hasn’t abated….

  8. My mom for example in her mid-80s has been keeping up with her prescriptions but cancelling all her check-in’s with medical specialists since March, and no time in sight to reschedule them. Definitely concerns me even as I know they are well-stocked with food and other necessities which isn’t the case in a lot of homes.

    She’s also been blue from being in the house so long. I tried to send something cheerful for Mother’s Day but it is a very long time to be at home without seeing friends or other things, and she’s of a generation not to be trying the video meetings and so forth that a lot of us are experimenting with.

  9. Hi, Everyone,

    I miss driving down the mountain to go to some of the places we would go.
    My husband went back to work. I worry our small town opened too soon.
    Being a tourist town we have to be careful.
    We can still drive to our lake, and I enjoy sitting on the patio watching all our little critters. That said, so many can’t do that. I’m sad for all that are sheltering by themselves. I hope your mother feels better, ADMIN2.
    My son moved out of state. I miss my grandson and his family. All my kids.
    Their new baby is due in a few months. Wanted to be there. Not sure now.
    Even though my husband and I are fine, we would feel terrible if we infected my son’s family unknowingly. Thank goodness for FaceTime. 🙂

    Be well, everyone. You are all in my thoughts..

  10. Stay safe and well all!

    Danny has a facebook concert going right now. Sponsored by Willow Creek Church. He was scheduled to perform there. I was suppose to see Danny in Wisconsin with my sisters last night 🙁

  11. Jan, thanks so much. This concert was great! I really enjoyed it!! Wish I knew how to save it. Maybe, there’s a place on this site. 😉

    I’m sorry you missed Danny.

    Thank you, again.

  12. Oh well.. I’m glad I was able to watch the concert when it was available. 🙂

  13. Hi Cindy. I was looking forward to watching the concert again, but I’m not really surprised it was taken down after a few days. I wonder if Danny will provide it updated commentary to other sites wanting to “host” him?

    Hi Admin2. I’m going to click to see what’s up with your link. I did see that a few artists are doing concerts at Drive In Theaters. My local minor league baseball team is hosting drive in movies until there season opens again.

    Supposedly Danny is going back on tour it late July/early August. I really don’t see that as a great option for the band or his fans….

  14. I saw that Danny tweeted these two comments as a response to a fan “shocked” that he supports Pres. Trump…..
    Replying to
    Why is it that so many ‘tolerant’ people have intolerant behavior towards me? I get backlash from people who claim to be from the parties that represent kindness & respect yet show otherwise. True maturity & freedom comes from 2 people who disagree yet still show honor & respect
    Danny Gokey
    Replying to
    Hey I appreciate your support for my music but one thing that keeps happening over and over is that people somehow have to remove me from their life because I support trump. I’ve never Unfriended anyone for supporting a different party than me but it keeps happening over and over
    I personally, try to separate a person’s political view from how I feel about the person- especially artists. Their political or religious affiliation is not a factor in what music or movies I will watch. (That said, I don’t think any president has had such divisive effects as this one…. )

    I thought about responding to Danny, but I believe social media “conversations” don’t change others opinions. Its best to just keep scrolling….

  15. Does anyone else find it ironic that other Christian bands are making music with Country aritsts and that Danny hasn’t yet?

    Zach is storming up the charts with Dolly, just like For King and Country grabbed the Grammy with Dolly over Danny’s HSIY video:

    25 24 Up this week NATALIE GRANT My Weapon 514 475 39 2.528
    24 25 Up this week CODY CARNES Run To The Father 503 485 18 1.328
    26 26 BUILDING 429 Blessing I Can’t See f/Brooke 464 469 -5 1.222
    28 27 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Love God Love People 442 380 62 2.028
    33 28 Up this week ZACH WILLIAMS There Was Jesus f/Dolly Parton 440 231 209 4.278

    Also interesting to me is that the big sydicated Christian shows haven’t started spinning LGLP yet. (No klove, air1 or wayfm)

  16. I’m not sure what prompted the tweets to Danny, I haven’t followed his social media that closely but usually I’ve not found him to be super political beyond being pro-life, and having participated in a couple of mainstream GOP forums on rare occasions.

    It doesn’t take much these days to set someone off who has an opposing view they are positive can be the only acceptable one. That’s very common where I live. Doesn’t even need to be triggered by anything said by someone they disagree with, people just throw their politically hostile comments out in almost any setting under supreme confidence that no one could ever reasonably disagree. To give two weird and a little funny examples, out of the blue my long-time GYN threw out a negative political remark in the midst of an exam! Assuming of course, I wanted to hear her opinion and must agree. Yikes.

    And I picked up a lady on a volunteer appointment just last week who I’d never met before. We didn’t get a block away from her residence before she chose to blurt out her hopes for the upcoming election complete with expletives. I was tempted to say something and see if she’d prefer to get out of my car, but trying to be a good volunteer I just told her I wouldn’t comment on politics and changed the subject.

    I find cases like that super rude and surprisingly ill-informed. While I live in an area that historically is pretty much tilted to one side politically, it’s not 90/10 but more like 55/45 according to the last election.

    Anyway, just my two cents on a pet peeve 🙂

  17. Dolly gets around 🙂

    I saw a reference that TobyMac was also looking at concert options in a drive-in mode. I could see it taking off especially in southern and western and other rural areas.

    If Danny will be trying to do some tour dates toward late summer, will be curious what the format is. Personally if trends continue, I wouldn’t be averse to an outdoor or otherwise well-spaced event. But a lot of people would likely choose not to go, and venue managers must have liability concerns. There’s some talk of liability protection in a future COVID-19 bill, but how broadly it would apply not sure.

  18. Remembering those we have lost * Memorial Day.

    Be well, everyone. 🙂

  19. Admin2. I agree. Providing a random, unsolicited (and really inappropriate during a medical exam!!) political opinion is just not a great idea.

    I especially avoided (like the plague or should I say a pandemic?) any US political questions when I traveled overseas. And at family dinners. And on Facebook……

  20. Some of it seems to be driven by social media, and I fear a lot of news/media contributes as they are filling their channels with stupid clickbait to fill 24/7 programming and draw advertisers. Ugh, gross.

    Whether its about someone or topic I like, or the other side, I’ve gotten to where I don’t take too much seriously unless I can check it myself in a full quote with context, vs how things get re-packaged in news and especially opinion programming or political advocacy sources

    Ps- yeah, super inappropriate by that doctor. Her office sent me a survey not long after. I usually delete them, but I did fill it out that time to relate the episode and say how unprofessional I thought it was.

    I’ve been developing a feeling every time one of these things happen here, I should donate to the applicable political party or person that I agree with and is being caricatured and attacked. But its so common, I’d go broke!!

  21. Love God Love People is #27 on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs Chart. (I believe this is a combo of sales/streaming/radio play?)

    Danny’s only gotten to #2 with TYHTBA, #3 with HSIY, #4 with Rise.

    His last single, Wanted peaked at #33 on that chart.

    Of course, he’s had four #1s on the Billboard Christian Airplay Chart. LGLP is currently at #26 on that chart. I don’t believe KLOVE is playing it yet.

  22. Sooo…. social distancing and the lack of DG touring has me forgetting to put up a June post!

    I’ll do so for July. I just changed the title of this post 😉

    Danny is singing AND preaching at Legacy Church in NM this weekend.

    Here is the link https://www.legacychurchnm.com/livestream

    Danny is talking about his grandfather’s, father in law, and Leyicet’s conversion to Christianity

  23. This looks like a nice chart move for Mediabase

    Danny Gokey:
    “Love God Love People”: ^22 CAC (26)

    Hope everyone is doing well and safe

  24. LGLP is doing well with 36 of 54 of Mediabase CAC stations spinning it. I think it will hit Top 20 on Billboard Christian Airplay very soon. And still the big radio networks (Klove & Way FM) haven’t spun it, yet, have they?

    How is life in pandemic going for all our visitors? I just saw that there is a Covid 19 outbreak in Beijing. (And what is going on in countries like Brazil and others is horrifying.) Frankly, I can’t imagine going to a political rally or protest.

    I saw Danny & Leyicet went with a pretty large group ( including Kathie Lee) to their favorite steak house. Meanwhile SE Nashville has a new hotspot of covid-19.

    My exercise class announced that classes resume in July. I miss it. But I am not even attending my church services, yet.

    Stay safe everyone!

  25. hi Jan, thanks for the update. Things here are gradually getting a little more open. I was able to go kayaking for a bit last weekend, and even to a church service in the building at partial capacity. Work-wise, I’m back to a normal schedule which for me is part-time. But a lot of people in my organization are still out due to COVID or on a limited schedule.

  26. Good to see the new single going top 20 on both chart systems. I’m also seeing signs of Danny doing at least one live event around Labor Day? It’s got to be a rough time for artists and their teams, bands, etc.

    I should probably get a kayak Jan but have to confess I just do outings where I can rent one. Much less hassle than trying to keep one in my house and have to maneuver it by myself onto my car or for storage at home.

    In another first, I went to my Pilates class for the first time in 3 months after they did a partial re-opening this week. They must have had a tough time holding things together, they now have a hair salon tenant moving into part of their studio space and are selling off some of their equipment that will eliminate one of the class types they used to offer.

    Oddly, this morning became my latest installment of rude presumptive unprompted political jibes from random women I interact with. As the Pilates instructor greeted us on this first week back, she decided to accompany the welcome back with a gratuitous blurted-out partisan opinion on an issue of the week.

    Interesting way to greet customers she needs…

  27. I really have no idea how concerts etc are going to fare throughout the rest of 2020. I suspect the reduced number of attendees will make it un-affordable for a touring artist (or the promoter) to cover fixed costs…

    I heard that Danny’s concert in out state NY is cancelled for August.

  28. Hi, I wanted to find out further, with Florida recent spikes of COVID, is the concert scheduled for August at the Cooper City Church in South Florida still in the plans? This is a reschedule and I’m a bit concerned about what measures are being taken.
    How about a streamline concert with our tickets? just a thought.
    Thank you for any information.

  29. Hi Cathy, welcome to DGNews.

    We can’t seem to keep up with the concert cancellations…. And we just heard his August NY state concerts were cancelled without a reschedule this time.

    Danny is doing some streaming events. We featured a full concert that was available to everyone for a week which was sponsored by a IL church that had to cancel the show. Also a mini concert by Soldiers of Faith.

    We will post about it if we learn of new online events.

    Take care!

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