Danny Gokey News & Discussion- July 2020

The Summer Concerts – Of Past Years!

We have dug into our archives to relive the summer concerts of the past years! The lead photo is from Troy WL and Danny’s outdoor concert in Wausau, Wisconsin.  Also featured is Summerfest, Fishfest (Borel Photography) and from Worship in the Adirondacks.

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On the music front, Danny’s single, “Love God, Love People” is now being played by 46 of 54 Mediabase CAC monitored stations (most recently added by K-LOVE Radio!) It has a very impressive spincrease and is Top 20 on multiple charts!

3 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion- July 2020

  1. The growth of LGLP makes me think this one could go to #1.

    Do you like this song as well as HSIY and or better than “Wanted”?

  2. Hard to choose, Jan. LGLP seems so relevant right now.

    Thank you for keeping us up to date. 🙂

    Hope everyone has a safe and healthy Independence Day.

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