Video: No Pressure, New Day -Celebrate Youth 2020

Celebrate Youth 2020

Danny Gokey took to video to encourage the graduates of 2020 in his video message – with song for a Celebrate Youth Convocation Conference.  the virtual conference was sponsored by the National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health.

In the ten minute video Danny congratulates the 2020 graduates, shares his struggles with mental health as a young person and encourages them with his songs “No Pressure” and “New Day”.

To see the full two hour conference click HERE.

2 thoughts on “Video: No Pressure, New Day -Celebrate Youth 2020

  1. That was great! What a wonderful thing to do for the young people Danny! My husband has,been dealing with these issues since he was very young. Being reminded that God loves you is so important!

  2. Hi Catherine. Glad to see you here! I hope you and your husband are doing well!!

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