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Danny Gokey’s Latest Hit Single “Love God, Love People”

Danny Gokey’s third single from his latest album, “Haven’t Seen It Yet” has reached Top 5 on multiple charts!  It’s also Top Ten on the Billboard Hot Christian Song Chart!

#4 Billboard National Christian Airplay

#4 Billboard Christian AC

#4 Mediabase CAC

#10 Hot Christian Songs

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  1. Several country and CCM artists, including Loretta Lynn, Ricky Skaggs, Alison Krauss, Michael W. Smith and more, will take part in a 24-hour livestream event, “Pure River At The Ryman.” The event will be livestreamed from the Ryman Auditorium over the course of two days, on Sept. 21-22, 2020, from noon until midnight each day.

    Others appearing and/or performing include The Katinas, Danny Gokey, Phil Keaggy, Jason Crabb, Rhonda Vincent, Eddie James, Beckah Shae, Jason Upton, and more.

    “We’re going to have 24 hours over two days of praise and worship, music, prayer, in Nashville, for not just our city, but for our nation, and the nations of the world because our world needs Jesus now more than ever,” said Skaggs.

  2. Thank you, Jan.

    Can’t believe it’s almost Autumn.

    Woke up to a valley filled with smoke from the fire burning below. With the heat, and no air conditioning.. 🙁

    My grandson was born on our anniversary last week. What a nice surprise. He’s so sweet and adorable!! Nice to have “happy” news.

    Hope Danny’s concerts are a success.

    Also, hoping that everyone on this site is well. Miss all the posters.


  3. Haven’t been here in quite a while. Just wanted to check on Cindy & anyone else from California. Not sure who all is impacted by West Coast wildfires. Oregon is burning — I mean we have fires near population centers up & down the I-5 corridor. It is unprecedented in my 21+ years in Oregon. Towns have been destroyed. The suburbs near the city where I live have evacuated, as has a city of 80,000 in southern Oregon. Plus an entire (large) county is on some level or other for evacuation (levels 1 through 3). I really don’t know where people are supposed to go. Very, very bad.

  4. Thank you, Ellen. I was thinking of you today. I read of Oregon’s fires. Stay safe. Very scary.

    I knew the El Dorado Fire was down the mountain from us. Thought it was moving in the other direction. Then, I received a text. Oak Glen the apple orchards we visit had burned in some parts. Hearing of some animals dying in the park broke my heart. I turned on the TV, and watched the fire crossing over the highway and head up the mountain. The fire is still far enough away, so I’m not packing yet. But, we only have two ways to get off this mountain, now. The fire closed our other way. The animals, beauty of the forest, and memories.. heartbreaking. There was a time we never worried about fires. Now, everything is dry, and with the beetles.. lots of dead trees. Hopefully, they will be able to contain it.

    My daughter is flying home near the Bay area, where the sky is bright orange.

    Stay safe and healthy. ♥

  5. Cindy3, I have more clarity today. Where I am at is still OK for the time being. But there are fires all around us. I have friends who have to evacuate. I assume I’ll be taking someone in. Closed roads are a real issue. It’s difficult to get from Point A to Point B. I don’t ever remember fires that advanced into population centers before.

    Please have your packing list ready, Cindy3, even if you delay packing. And keep up on open routes. And pray. Everybody. Please.

  6. Thank you, Ellen. I hope the best for you, and your communities. I know what you mean by how difficult it can be to get from Point A to Point B.

    We have our packing list ready, and our trailer ready. Only two ways down the mountain. Hoping tourists stay away. Less people to evacuate. You have to be cautious of the smoke. If it gets too heavy you may not be able to start your car.

    Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. Same here, Cindy3. Prayers. Air quality here is now 553 AQI, which is hazardous. It’s never been that bad before, but then, we are completely surrounded by fire. In Oregon, half a million people have evacuated so far. That is 1 in every 8.4 Oregonians.

    I can’t even imagine California, with triple-digit heat. At least it has cooled down now to the 80s here.

  8. We see the stories about the fires on the news and it is just seems unreal. A good friend of mine grew up in Paradise which was reduced to ash in 2018. And now it seems more widespread. So worrisome.

    We had a REALLY dry August. And now we are on our 5th day of rain. Because of the pandemic, my exercise classes are outside and of course they have to be cancelled with 55 degrees and rain. I know the fall will mean the end of my regular exercise routine. But this is NOTHING compared to the devastation, terrible air quality and what it is doing to the ecosystem and the economy….

    I hope you all get rain and cooling conditions.

  9. Danny has a new song with Evan Craft and rapper Redimi2. I think its really good. I will post about it soon.

  10. I like the new song, Jan. Danny sounds great!

    No evacuations for us today. We’re going day by day.

    Hope you are safe, Ellen. The fires up your way look very scary.

    All the best..

  11. The fires here in Oregon are very scary. Don’t know about now, but there was too much smoke in the air for planes or helicopters to drop water or flame retardant on the fires. They couldn’t even start tackling the fires for the first three or four days because of the winds. Firefighters had to evacuate at one point. We have grossly inadequate manpower and other resources. The difference between this fire season and others is that (a) twice the numbers of acres burned in a matter of days that what we normally see in a year, and (b) these fires are threatening populated areas up and down the I-5 corridor. The fires are in the western, “wet” side of the state. To be clear, our summers are always dry, but the rest of the year is wet more than not. To give one example of how abnormal this all is, the fire on the Coast is in a temperate rainforest.

    Thank you for letting me blab. I know California has and is suffering greatly. I can’t even imagine it. One piece of good news for me personally: the air quality index has gone from close to 600 AQI (hazardous) to only 264 AQI (very unhealthy). Yes, we are cheering here in Oregon because the air is only very unhealthy! (At one point, our neighboring suburbs were dealing with 999 AQI. Imagine that!)

  12. Ellen, it sounds awful.. Even as far east as Wisconsin, we are seeing the smoke in our skies from the West Coast! Our sunsets been going down very orange/red!.

    I hope you and CA get the rain they need to help extinguish the fires. And cooperating winds!

  13. The fires are still burning, but for me personally, so far, so good.
    * fingerscrossed * Mainly, the problem has been the terrible air quality. We did get a bit of rain, which has helped. Yesterday, the AQI was only “unhealthy,” but today it was “good.” (We skipped over “unhealthy if sensitive” and “moderate.”) The AQI was in the range of 20-25. Compare that to over 600 AQI at our peak!

    The wildfires are not over for Oregon, but I appreciate the respite. I really hope things will turn a corner in California as well. I hope the state gets rain to help out.

    How are things where you live, Cindy3? Still okay? No evacuation?

  14. All the best for Oregon. Glad you are doing okay, Ellen.

    We are on alert. The fire is closer, but still far enough away.

    I have a beautiful and heartbreaking photo of the fire to share, but I don’t know how to post it.


  15. I am praying for you and your state, Cindy3. It is not that Oregon is out of the woods yet, so to speak — the fires are still raging — but that, for now, the air quality has improved where I live. I even took a short walk outside yesterday. I am hearing that the smoke has reached the Midwest and even the East Coast.

    I don’t know how to share pictures, either, or I’d probably post some of my old photos of Danny, just to liven things up.

  16. Jan, which songs are coming up behind Danny? I think the Zach Williams/Dolly Parton song “There Was Jesus” may still hang on to #1 for a few more weeks. It is a beautiful song, and I love Dolly’s voice on it.

  17. Those would be fun to see, Ellen.

    I’m happy that Danny is keeping busy with many things on hold. New and inventive ideas. 🙂

    All the best, everyone.

  18. Hi! Yesterday Danny encouraged his followers to follow him on Spotify so they can catch his new music. Today I received this alert:

    Highlighting “All Things” is the tender duet “Just The Way You Are,” a reminder of God’s unconditional love, featuring Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Danny Gokey; as well as the hopeful title-cut, “All Things For My Good,” which took on new meaning for Jamgochian during her illness.

  19. Hey Cindy and Ellen, if you want to send me a photo to post, just send it to jan@dannygokeynews.com😊

    Here is today’s chart

    There Was Jesus f/Dolly Parton
    TOGETHER f/K.Franklin, T.Kelly
    Up this week
    Love God Love People

  20. Ellen,

    The song has a really good AI, its actually #2 on Mediabase. I tried checking the Billboard charts for this week, but they aren’t posted, yet.

    Even if it doesn’t make it to #2, it still did much better than “Wanted”. Not bad for a third release. I think they may release “New Day”, but Danny has been hinting about new music.

    I think something is coming out this Friday.

  21. Highlighting All Things is the tender duet “Just The Way You Are,” a reminder of God’s unconditional love, featuring GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter Danny Gokey; as well as the hopeful title-cut, “All Things For My Good,” which took on new meaning for Jaime Jamgochian during her illness.

  22. Thank you, Jan. I thought the photo was beautiful, and tragic. We lost a firefighter last week. Heartbreaking. The fire is now at 92% containment. Thank you firefighters!!

    How are you doing, Ellen?

    “GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter Danny Gokey.” Always impressive. 🙂

  23. Got a call from my radio team today with the exciting news that “Love God Love People” went #1 this week! It was a complete shock and I am so grateful to my CCM radio partners, Capitol Christian Music Group and you, the faithful listeners for getting behind this song. Honored to carry God’s message of encouragement during these uncertain times … it really does come to Loving God & Loving others!!

  24. Hi Cindy and Me Being.

    I did see Danny’s post about LGLP going #1 on Mediabase, it didn’t make it on the Billboard charts. But #2 is great, too.

    So, he and Natalie are going to try to actually do their Celebrate Christmas Tour this year. Wisconsin is having such an increase in Covid 19 infections they won’t be able to come back home…

  25. Hi, Jan.

    It will be tricky during this pandemic. I missed the tour last year. I was ready to go, but a loved one was in the hospital. I figured they wouldn’t be out our way this year. Only fair.

    But, I would have bought a ticket to see a Virtual Christmas Tour. Even if they were to have come out our way, I think I would have passed.

    Stay Safe and Healthy. 🙂

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