Danny Gokey News & Discussion- Holidays 2020

Best Wishes for a Peaceful November and December 2020

2020 will likely go down as a very turbulent year for MANY reasons, but we at DGNews wish you a restful and peaceful holiday season as the days get shorter and colder.  We are hoping that your Thanksgiving and Christmas will be a time of family and friend togetherness (whether in person or virtually…)

We haven’t heard that Danny has any NEW Christmas music coming out, but it is likely that many of his previous Christmas songs will be heard on Christian radio as soon as the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers have been put away!

Danny and Natalie will be having their Celebrate Christmas 5th annual tour together starting in Florida on December 3rd.

Danny Gokey at Celebrate Christmas photo by Tiffany Qualls

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Which is YOUR favorite Danny Christmas song? Have you started playing Christmas music, yet?

If you haven’t already done, so, please consider ordering a copy of one of Danny’s Christmas albums (or one of his other albums..) though our Amazon Affiliate link below!

4 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion- Holidays 2020

  1. Very, very quiet here.

    I’ve started to listen to some Christmas songs.

    I enjoy, Lift up Your Eyes, and The Prayer. There are actually many. 🙂

    Hoping for peace, and not so much turmoil.

    Better treatment, and vaccine for Covid – 19.

    All the best..

  2. Hi Cindy,

    It truly is a quiet time here…

    I haven’t started my Christmas music, but I have been thinking about decorating 😊

  3. Danny’s LGLP is still in the top 10 on CAC Mediabase charts. I am guessing not much will move until after the holidays. I wonder if Danny’s radio team will promote a Christmas song to radio? Also, will he release New Day as his next song to radio, or something new?

    I really like his song “Be Alright” with Evan Croft. That and Taylor Swift’s new album are in repeat on my office.

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