Welcome Danny Gokey News & Discussion: March – April 2021

Danny Gokey New MusicNew Photos= Exciting New Things on the Horizon

Last week Danny teased the above headline and added, “Can’t wait for you guys to experience all the NEW things coming!!!”

What do you think the new things will be?  Typically, new photos are taken when a new album or project is about to be launched.  I previously mentioned that I found some songs that are written and recorded by Danny.  (Look at the last discussion post) I’m always ready for a new album. How about you?

And New Single “New Day” is Moving UP!

Danny Gokey’s fourth single from his latest album, “Haven’t Seen It Yet” has climbed to #12 on the Billboard National Christian Airplay chart.  Its also 12 on the Mediabase CAC chart.

Its climb slowed a bit the last two weeks, but I think it will pick up more speed when a few other songs clear the Top 10. Its a great song!

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20 thoughts on “Welcome Danny Gokey News & Discussion: March – April 2021

  1. How are you? I hope the worst of the cold and unpredictable weather has cleared your area as it has for us! We still have ~ 8″ of snow on the ground, but its down by more than 2/3rds from just a week ago! And more warm weather is predicted!

    I believe Danny has re-started his concerts in certain southern states. We aren’t seeing such things up by us (and I wouldn’t go yet even if it was allowed.) I am waiting to be eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine…

  2. We have confirmation from this interview of Danny for a Rythemic radio station in Madison WI that the photo shoot was for his next album.


    So, how long until the album is released? I think its generally at least 4 months? Not sure if I remember correctly. I would think they would want to have the lead single doing well on radio before releasing a new album… that doesn’t give New Day much time to peak and another song to be released.

    What really surprised me is that Danny was doing an interview about “New Day” for a non-Christian radio station. It is in his home state, but I don’t believe any monitored Rythmic station has played it yet.

    WJQM (93.1 FM) is a radio station serving Madison, Wisconsin and surrounding areas. The station is owned by Mid-West Family Broadcasting and launched a Rhythmic Contemporary format as “106.7 Jamz” in January 2007 before the move to 93.1 FM in October 2008.

  3. Here is what wiki says about Rhythmic format of music

    Rhythmic contemporary, also known as Rhythmic Top 40, Rhythmic CHR or rhythmic crossover, is a primarily American music-radio format that includes a mix of EDM, upbeat rhythmic pop, hip hop and upbeat R&B hits. Rhythmic contemporary never uses rock or country in its airplay, but it may occasionally use a reggae, Latin, reggaeton, or a Christian/gospel hit. Essentially, the format is a cross between mainstream radio and urban contemporary radio formats.

  4. Thank you Jan for ALL of the updates as usual!! Cannot wait for new songs…I’m as excited as you are!! gokeygroupie

  5. Hi Colleen! So glad to see you commented. I hope you are doing well. And yes, I am excited for new music, too.

    Bring it on, Danny!

  6. Hi Mr Bing. Danny also said in a recent short video that attendees at his upcoming concerts can preorder his new album AND I think there is a autographed preview?

    I’m not traveling or doing concerts, yet. So I guess I will have to wait to the preview of new songs in concert videos that attendees post?

  7. Hi Everyone..

    Experienced my first tornado alert from our new home.🥺
    At least there is a warning. California earthquakes..NO warning.
    Very nice here being closer to family.☺️

    Hope everyone is doing well.

  8. Welcome to the Midwest, Cindy. Hopefully there wasn’t any tornado damage last night!

    We got snow yesterday. Hopefully it will melt today!

  9. I think I was wrong about New Day being a big hit. It seems to be stalling. Might explain why Danny is releasing a new song in April….

  10. New Day is Top 4 on this chart:

    Indicator: Chart / New & Active / Most Added / Most Increased / Recurrent Chart

    visit BDSRadio.com
    Issue Date:

    1       21      

    TERRIAN Light It Up
    2 week(s) at number 1
    675 -90 0.241 10

    3       6       

    TOBYMAC Help Is On The Way (Maybe Midnight)
    673 +32 0.291 3

    2       27      

    SARAH REEVES Just Want You
    609 -135 0.233 12

    5       12      

    604 +17 0.334 1

    And it has the highest Audience Impression of the four songs. Also, it

    hasn’t gone recurrent on the Billboard or Mediabase charts. Still small gains on two of the charts.

  11. New single on the Billboard Christian Airplay #33 and Christian Mediabase charts #46 for Evan Craft and Danny:

    89 46 Up this week EVAN CRAFT Be Alright f/D. Gokey, Redim2 128 29 99 0.871

    Be Alright

    Evan Craft x Danny Gokey x Redimi2 APRIL 23 2021 Peak Date
    33 Peak Position 1 Weeks On Chart

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