NEW MUSIC: Stand in Faith of Jesus People

Jesus People is NOW AvJesus People is Now Available

However you prefer to surround yourself with Danny Gokey’s music (streaming, digital, or even a hard CD) the whole 12 tracks of new Danny music is now available!

What are your favorite songs?

I think “Do For Love” is a real ear worm!  Always a good sign!  And it is doing well on YouTube plays.  Watch it again below:

If you haven’t yet purchased SIF, we have the digital link from Amazon below.  You can also find the hard copy this way – or stream it if you have Amazon Prime Music.

BUT Agradecido has almost 600,000 song plays on Youtube! So its doing very well.

10 thoughts on “NEW MUSIC: Stand in Faith of Jesus People

  1. Hi Mr Bing, is that the song Danny wore with Matt hew West? I liked it too. Also like “Jesus People”, the song. But it’s more for the melody than the title 😉

  2. Goodness! Incant believe I had to correct the title of his new album. I was just so use to Danny using the lead single as the album name! Oops!

  3. I have listened to the album for the second time now. Its safe to say Danny and his team really focus on the gospel theme with this one. It doesn’t even include one or two more ‘mainstream’ make-you-feel-good track like he did with his previous albums.

  4. Got to love Danny appearing in Billboard articles ❤️

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