Leyicet & Danny Gokey Podcasts: Livin’ la Vida Gokey

Have you listened to Danny and Leyicet’s first podcast in their new series?

Here’s the link so you can get caught up!  Just click on the link on Episode #1.


Danny and Leyicet discuss how they met (on Twitter).  It started when Leyicet responded to a Chuck Norris joke he posted.  He “slid” into her DMs since he had never seen her respond to him before.  (This some of us knew since we had seen it happen on twitter, lol. She was following him, he followed her back.)

What surprised me is the off putting comments Danny made when they first met, “Are you going to wear that?”

It’s a wild ride.  Hang on!


3 thoughts on “Leyicet & Danny Gokey Podcasts: Livin’ la Vida Gokey

  1. I appreciate you being outspoken for Christ. I just listened to your Hot Topic episode. There is only One truth and we
    tend to muddy the waters. Paul wrote 2 letters to the Christians at Corinthians that were getting wrapped up in sinful behavior. He wrote to them so they would change. We don’t get to continue in sinful behavior and be the church. We all need to be bold while being loving and kind. I noticed you pointed out abortion as a sin but aren’t willing to point out homosexuality. That is bananas. We gotta get off the fence. We all sin when our own desires draw us away. We all have to choose if our own desires are more important than what God commands. You have to choose!!! Where is the church headed!!!

  2. I can’t thank you enough for you ministry in song. Your music has carried me through the past few years!

    I am a vocalist and am vocal rest from surgery. I miss singing so much! Please pray for full recovery so I may continue using my gift for the Lord!!

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