Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 1- 2022

Stand Together with Danny GokeyDanny Gokey on New Tour with Newsboys

“We are so excited to get back out on the road in 2022 with some of our best friends – Danny Gokey, Mac Powell, and Adam Agee,” said Michael Tait, lead singer of Newsboys.

“I’ve loved crossing paths with Newsboys at shows and events over the years, and really enjoyed touring with them on Winter Jam a few years ago,” said Danny Gokey. “Not only are they a ton of fun, but I also have such respect for their music and ministry, which is why it’s an incredible honor to be joining forces with them on the Stand Together Tour this Spring. These shows are going to be a blast, and I can’t wait to see everyone out there!”

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To buy tickets for the new tour, click HERE.

have you checked out Danny’s collarboration with Mitchell TenPenny on “Bucket List”?  I like it.  Their voices have some similar qualities.  But of course Danny’s range is spectacular.

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13 thoughts on “Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 1- 2022

  1. Happy New Year! We hope you all had a safe and healthy New Year’s Eve.

    Good to see “Stand in Faith” is in the top 10 on Mediabase CAC this week:

    51 6 Up this week ANNE WILSON My Jesus 1371 148 1223 6.691
    61 7 Up this week TASHA LAYTON Look What You’ve Done 1343 115 1228 7.388
    62 8 Up this week JEREMY CAMP When You Speak 1298 115 1183 6.212
    71 9 Up this week DANNY GOKEY Stand In Faith 1128 96 1032 6.195
    56 10 Up this week TOBYMAC Promised Land 1093 129 964 6.351

  2. Hi Cindy, life has been very busy, and Danny didn’t get “Stand in Faith” to #1 so I didn’t get around to posting here. It did get top 5.


    Danny and Leyicet are working on their next podcasts.

    And its time to nominate him for klove awards:

    Go to https://www.klovefanawards.com/nominate to place your votes for Danny

  3. Very excited.. I remember commenting on missing out on seeing the Christmas Tour, with Danny and Natalie Grant last year. We had just moved from the west coast to the Midwest. Then, reading the tour would be on the west coast. Happy this year the tour is out our way. Bought our tickets! 🤗

    Hope all is well with everyone..

  4. Don’t know where to send a text…

    Congratulations Danny on Hope in Front of Me turning Gold. 🤗

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