Danny Gokey endorsement of DannyGokeyNews.com Dec 2015

as posted by Danny Gokey on his official Facebook page, Dec 2015

last reviewed February 2019

We provide a fun environment for unofficial updates and discussion about singer and American Idol third-place finalist Danny Gokey — and anything else we find entertaining to chat about…!

We pride ourselves on having possibly the most complete and up-to-date listing of Danny’s events anywhere, including his official media. Check our events calendar for everything we’ve tracked down.

Danny is aware of our site and has expressed support; however, we are not affiliated with either Danny Gokey or his management.

We are independently managed by two of the moderators who provided content and support at iheartdannygokey.com from Danny’s first appearances on American Idol Season 8, in 2009, through the IHDG site’s closure in September 2015.

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For official updates from Danny Gokey and his team, please visit DannyGokey.com and Danny’s official social media accounts such as facebook.com/DannyGokeyOfficial and twitter @dannygokey.

Messages seeking to reach Danny may also be sent through his management:

Danny Gokey
c/o Maximum Artist Group
4219 Hillsboro Pike, Suite 234
Nashville, TN. 37215
email: info@maximumartist.com

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