Leyicet & Danny Gokey Welcome New Son Emanuel

Emanuel Gokey, son of Leyicet and Danny GokeyBeautiful, Two-Day Old Emanuel Daniel Gokey

The newest addition to the Gokey family was born on Friday, August 16. Emanuel’s timing was great; father Danny Gokey was able to be there for the birth of his fourth child with his wife, Leyicet in Nashville; but just before Danny had to leave for the “Off the Charts” Festival that he was headlining in ND!  Fortunately, Danny was back in time to bring Leyicet and the new baby home on Sunday.

Here is the photo that Danny shared on Friday of his four children:

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Baby Gokey #4 Booked to Make August Appearance!

The Gokey Group to Expand

While we had first heard the news in a radio tour interview, this week Danny and Leyicet individually (and together, LOL?) announced the news of a fourth baby joining their family in August 2019.  They each shared this photo of their kids with the sonogram photo of Gokey baby #4!

We wish Leyicet an easy pregnancy and labor. We look forward to seeing another adorable Gokey baby joining their brood.

Happy Father’s Day Danny!

Danny Gokey and his childrenWe want to wish all the Dads a very happy Father’s Day,

but of course we are featuring a very special dad on this post:  Danny Gokey.

From the first time we saw Danny with his nieces, nephews or even a fan’s child, we knew he would become an awesome dad, someday.  We are so glad to see the happiness that his own family brings him.  Danny, you are truly a model of how to be a great father!

Pictured above, clockwise from the top:  Danny, Victoria, Gabriel and little Danny.

Happy Dad’s Day, Danny!!

Photo credit:  Leyicet Gokey

Introducing Gabriel Daniel Gokey

I was tempted to just post this photo of Danny Gokey and his newborn son, Gabriel.  Really.  It’s so beautiful, words escape me.  But I want to thank Danny and Leyicet for sharing this precious photo of Gabriel with his daddy. And to note the work of photographer of Grace Photography by Ana 

And to share these photos

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Leyicet & Danny Gokey Welcome Son Gabriel

Leyicet Gokey and baby Gabriel GokeyCongratulations are pouring in for the third addition to the Danny & Leyicet Gokey family!

The Gokeys welcome their third child and second son, Gabriel Daniel Gokey.  He joins big brother Daniel Emmanuel and sister Victoria Isabella in their family. Leyicet is glowing and apparently doing well in the unique first picture of the happy parents and new baby Gabriel!

Gabriel Daniel was able to arrive between concert and appearance committments of his dad, Danny Gokey.  Danny reported on his social media:

“This picture may seem funny but our baby came just in time for me to see him be born, hold him and love him and then I had to run and catch a flight,” Gokey captioned the photo of the new mom cradling both her newborn and a phone.

“The thing is, I forgot to get a picture of me, him and my wife @leyicet together. So I called back on FaceTime to get this sweet pic!! I can’t wait to get back home tomorrow to hold him even more. So thankful I got to be with him at birth!!”

Click People Babies to read their post.

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HIS Radio Wants to Know: Do ALL Kids Cry When a Parent Sings? Even Danny Gokey’s?

VGokey 1 (425x350)We love  Rob Dempsey and the rest of the crew of the Morning Show at HIS Radio.  They took the short video of Victoria and Danny Gokey at her birthday party and ask the question, “did your kids ever ask you to stop singing?” They are shocked that anyone would cry in protest when Danny Gokey sings…… but we know it happens to almost all parents. Did it happen to you?

Danny Gokey’s Singing Makes Babies Cry from HIS Radio on Vimeo.

Rob is a bit challenged on guessing ages, he thinks Victoria is 3 or 4, LOL! and Danny is in his mid twenties.  We know the answers to that!!