Recap: Joyful Noise Family Fest

Danny Gokey performing at Joyful Noise

Featured Fan – Renee G

You’ve seen some of Renee’s art work from Danny’s videos HERE and HERE.  And now Renee shares her experience of her FIRST Danny Gokey concert!

It’s hard to watch and to take pictures – all on my 1st ever concert of Danny’s and 1st time at Joyful Noise!   It was a life changing experience being there… driving alone through the Twin Cities for my 1st time.. Plus creating art work from Danny’s music videos? The Lord certainly has me miles our of my comfort zone and has me toddling in new areas. I feel like I’m being born into new areas. Quite shaky at times and in a state of flux – very Holy Spirit driven. He is like a turbine running inside me.

Blessings and cyber hugs to you all.

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Featured Fan: #1 Danny Gokey Fan, Colleen

#GokeyGroupie: an enthusiastic supporter or follower of Danny Gokey

Colleen sent in a photo of the shirt she wore to a recent Danny Gokey concert and she shares this insight into why she is one of Danny Gokey’s #1 fans:

My husband and I have had a lot of loss in the past 18 months-9 people to be exact—including my Dad–which will be 10 months yesterday, cousin and Mother-in-law …Danny’s songs TYHTBA , HIFOM, Rise and Comeback ,his book HIFOM, along with Contemporary Christian Music itself has brought me back to life, given me stronger faith and proved to me that with God all things are possible and that even in my darkest moments. He is always there…..even getting through loss and depression from personal struggles with family has helped me be stronger than ever.

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Would the REAL Danny Gokey Please Stand Up

Three Danny Gokeys

Just what we always wanted, multiple Danny Gokeys!

Last Sunday Danny Gokey returned to central Wisconsin to perform for approximately 6,000 excited home-state fans.  After the concert, Danny signed autographs and he had the most unusual experience,  he was greeted by two mini-replicas of himself!  Danny loved it and so do we.

We reached out to the proud mom, Pamela, and she shared this story:

“My daughter Tessa and her friend Anna had so much fun “playing” Danny Gokey this past weekend at the Thrivent sponsored concert in Wausau, WI! Thrivent Member Network provided the photo booth and these awesome props. Thank you Danny for being amazing to these girls! You made thier day! As a mom, I am so thankful for the music you produce – you make a POSITIVE difference in people’s lives with the gifts God has given you!

But now, will the real Danny Gokey please stand up!”

Thank you, Pamela! It’s adorable ♡

Danny Gokey with Thrivent Jodi and Pamela

Pictured above: Jodi Berens, Marketing for Thrivent, Danny Gokey, Pamela Knezic, Thrivent Financial Associate.

Pamela shared with me,  “Jodi Berens works tirelessly to bring amazing Christian artists to the area to uplift and encourage our community.  She is a gift to Thrivent and to our entire region!”

To see more about the Thrivent/ 89Q Hope is Here concert you can check out:

Video:  WSAW TV with Danny Gokey Band  also some photos HERE.

Fan Feature: On the Tour Bus with Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey in Glen Falls New YorkWe are thrilled to report on a special experience for some longtime fans of Danny Gokey.  Recently Danny teamed up with to promote his new album, “Rise”.  One of the ways to support the new music was to select the special Backstage Meet & Greet.  For six fans that selected that item, backstage became “on the tour bus” with Danny
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Featured Fan: Danny Gokey Helps Virginia’s “Keep Positive” Plan

Virgina Positive Hits Danny Gokey (480x282)Editior’s Note:  We love when we can share the stories of  how Danny Gokey’s music has impacted lives.  Our thanks to Virginia for sharing her story with us!

“I really enjoyed meeting Danny and getting a picture with him at the Creation Festival in Kennewick, WA with my service dog. This was my second concert ever and I was very excited to attend. This was part of a recovery plan that was to help me stay positive during my first six months since I was recently medically retired from the military after 32 yrs of service.

My plan to “Keep Positive Plan” started the week before when I attended my first Wounded Warrior Care Event in Tacoma, WA. The day after the Care Event ended I was in Kennewick, WA to see Danny. I then got to spend the week with my oldest son, his wife and my first grandchild. They live in Pasco, WA. I left there headed back home to southern Oregon and on the way stopped to see Danny one more time in Eugene, OR.

I was blown away by this third concert and all the artists, but especially by seeing Danny at the Capstone of this event! The Positive Hits line up was way beyond anything I expected! Continue reading “Featured Fan: Danny Gokey Helps Virginia’s “Keep Positive” Plan”

Recap: The Positive Hits Tour with Danny Gokey, by Stacey

Stacey 3 (434x500)

Road Trip Recap with Stacey!

I met Laura in the autograph line at a DG show I saw last year, we started talking and took pics for each other and instantly hit it off, so we FB friend-ed each other and met up again at the KLOVE Christmas tour and helped break down Danny’s merch table! So needless-to-say we are DIE HARD DG fans and when he wasn’t coming to Illinois anytime this year – we joked about going to see him.

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Video: Jack in Action to “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” – Featured Fan

Jack in Action TYHTBA (450x313)On November 3, 2010, I became paralyzed from the waist down (T10 with burst fracture at T9). Because of God, my fun therapists, loving family, great friends, and encouraging strangers, I’ve been able to move forward into a bright future. “

How can you not be inspired by Jack?

In this video he is using an Exoskeleton system to walk.  Please share your comments below and on Jack’s YouTube videos at this LINK


I don’t know if Jack is still using his Go Fund Me Page, but it gives more info:

I became paralyzed from the waist down in 2010 when I was 16, confining me to a wheelchair. I’m trying to become as independent as possible. I have used the ReWalk Exoskeleton twice on a trial basis. My doctors and therapists have approved me to use the device and say I am a perfect candidate, but unfortunately, my insurance will not cover it. Raising the funds will allow me to purchase an exoskeleton and enable me to walk. Thanks for your help.

Featured Fan: Julia Remakes “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”

Julia describes herself as “I’m a weird, dramatic, movie and music loving artist who will be uploading every so often for your entertainment.

God bless!”

We just love the facial expressions, actions and how this whole little video is put together!


Let’s encourage Julia’s creativity!

Please comment below and on her youTube videos at this  CHANNEL