Featured Fans: Hope in Front of Don and Linda Platte!

Don Linda Platte HIFOM (450x348)

Don & Linda are committed fans to Danny Gokey, this story ALL started when they heard the song “Hope in Front of Me”  broadcast on K-LOVE radio:

“We felt that they can relate to Danny story of loss and overcoming, while trusting in God will reduce the pain, as he sings from the heart and through his voice and the way he sings, we can feel that Danny is talking to us personally. “Hope in Front of Me” then became important part of our worship time (worship by hearing), connecting to the Almighty God and having fun listening to it. Our favorite time was when we go for a ride; let our windows down feeling the wind blowing, and listening to “Hope in Front of Me.”  This was part of our life; it’s like our favorite part of the day.  After we got hooked up on this song, we started following all Danny’s Gokey songs and concerts, we also voted for him and encouraged our friends to do so.

Danny music, experience and voice are a great example of “worship by hearing,” where one can connect to God leaving any pain behind and feeling the joy of the Lord and what He can do for us; Danny has very encouraging story and wonderful voice that make us very connected.”

Don is featured in the Brooks Rehabilitation publication

Healing from Stroke through a Song | Brooks Rehabilitation

Don and his wife Linda were spending their fifth wedding anniversary in a hospital room……

Don was diagnosed with four simultaneous hemorrhagic strokes on one day. If he hadn’t been in the hospital at the time, he would not have survived.

Although Don was in a coma, he was still able to respond to Linda. If she’d ask him a question, he’d squeeze her hand. They were both fans of musician, Danny Gokey, particularly a song entitled, “Hope in Front of Me”.

I’ve been running through rain
That I thought would never end
Trying to make it on faith
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Featured Fans: Sara & Pam – Iowa!

Danny Gokey Sara WaitingDid you see the 1st post about Sara and her mom taking us to a Danny Gokey concert?

I’m happy to report we now have their back stories as Danny fans!

Sara and Pam (430x242)

Sara’s Story

My Mom, Pam, and I had such a fun time at Danny’s concert.  It was the first time we’d heard him live, after watching him on “American Idol” and falling in love with his story.  He opened up the show with “My Best Days”, and closed it with “It’s Not Over”, two of my favorites of his!  It’s undeniable how talented Danny really is, but what I love about him is that he always sings his butt off!

He is so inspirational, and the night of the concert certainly was inspirational.  That night, I left with a deposit in my soul.  Through seasons in our lives, we can feel stuck, like when is the good stuff coming to me?  Seeing Danny happy & thriving, after overcoming all his pain and trials, was such a beautiful picture of what God really wants to do with us.  Knowing Danny is now a restored man, really uplifted & encouraged me, reminding me, God’s not done with ME yet!  I hope everyone is blessed by this little video of my mom and I enjoying the concert!

 You’ll want to watch this fun duo, again!

Pam’s Story

I have been a Danny fan since seeing him shine on “American Idol”. I was so touched by his story, losing his wife – his faith in a loving God that was his saving grace.  I prayed for him – that God would restore his joy ten-fold and bless him with a new love, a family!  I am overjoyed whenever I see pictures of his lovely wife and children on Instagram.  God is good!!

Seeing Danny in concert was a special memory for me and my daughter.  We felt the presence of God – we witnessed the miracle of a man restored to the life God had planned for him.  And of course, like always, we had so much fun!  Praise God!Danny Gokey Sara Waiting 2

Video: Danny Gokey Featured Fan – Sara & her Mom

Sara mom & Danny (450x298)

Why are you a Danny Gokey fan?

I just love seeing a mom and daughter team out having a great time! They celebrated Sara’s birthday by going to see Danny Gokey in Iowa. The following video takes us a long on the ride to go see Danny! There’s so many sweet moments between the two of them, but my favorite might be their saying,

It’s kind of like what heaven is going to be like“.

Mom & I got to see Danny Gokey in concert in Pleasant Hill, IA on May 14, 2016. It was awesome!

To celebrate my 30th birthday, I thought it’d be fun to attempt to do 30 fun things. #30 things.

You can see more of her videos at Sara

I think this might just be an inaugural new “fan feature” here at DGNews! Let me know if you’d like to see more of these stories or if you want to share YOUR story <3