The BEST of Danny Gokey News Instagram

Sometimes we can forget the incredible things that Danny Gokey is doing — so this post is for all us to celebrate those moments AGAIN!

I call this the best of Dannygokeynews on instagram. Is it because it has the most likes or views? Or just because Jan says so?  Feel free to share your favorite instagram posts below.  Have you followed DGNews on Instagram, yet?

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Official Video Preview: RISE by Danny Gokey


Mills Miller Media has shared a few Instagrams of the filming of Danny Gokey’s music video for his new single, #RISE!

Check it and out and some of their other work HERE

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Follow DannyGokeyNews on Instagram! More #DannyGokey Photos & Videos!

Sometimes we’re a wee bit resistant to MORE social media, but we figured it was time to jump in and create a DannyGokeyNews Instagram account!

We will be posting our own photos and 15 sec videos. PLUS re-posting the best of others!  (We are using an app that always credits the original source!) You’ll see examples like these:

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