90.3 Seconds with Danny Gokey– What would you ask?

We love sharing the  Danny Gokey radio interviews! This one is “90.3 (FM) Seconds” with Danny by WCSG Radio’s team of Jeremy and Amanda from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This was at a sold out show of over 9,000 people for the Very Next Thing Tour.


Let’s help out the NEXT radio team— what would YOU ask Danny?

Get to Know the Danny Gokey Band: Miguel Perez


Our featured artist is Miguel Perez, the Danny Gokey Band’s lead guitarist.

Photo courtesy of  Kailee Harvey 

Get to Know the Band

Miguel answers our questions in this video interview: Continue reading “Get to Know the Danny Gokey Band: Miguel Perez”

Sleeker, Cohesive Album: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey leaning against brick wall.

“Following an awkward attempt at a country career, Milwaukee native and “American Idol” season eight finalist rebranded himself as a Christian pop singer”

With an opener like that, you can guess it can be hard to please a hometown critic… but things do get better. And better, just like Danny Gokey.  

“It was the right move. His 2014 album, “Hope In Front of Me,” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Christian Albums chart, and the album had two top five songs on the Christian singles charts. It sold twice as many copies as label BMG anticipated….

“Gokey has since been nominated for six GMA Dove Awards…. “Rise,” is a more cohesive and sleeker album, its songs closely aligned with the arena-packing stylings of TobyMac.” — Piet Levy for the MJS
 To read the full article, click  HERE
Your thoughts?

Danny Gokey “Rise” Promo Interviews, Videos

Sirius XM The Message Concert

Danny sings some of his new album songs, a worship medley and talks about the making of the album.

Listen to Justin Paul of WAY-FM interview

Danny Gokey joins me in Episode 32 of the More Than The Music Podcast to share the stories behind his new album, “Rise.”   He also explains what his son said while praying over their meal that was both hilarious and adorable.


Listen to the Interview at this LINK

Finding His Voice — One Country with Danny Gokey

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Feature Story: Danny Gokey Chasing Hope – CCM Magazine

Danny Gokey close up for CCM Magazine story

Danny Gokey is featured on the cover of CCM Magazine on their January 15th online magazine.  Their extensive interview with Danny by Kevin Sparkman shares a bit of the behind the scenes of Danny’s roller coaster career since he stepped off the “American Idol” stage back in 2009. It also provides some insight into the crafting of his albums.

From the article:

“Gokey, in fact, has merely just been chipping away at a “comeback,” …. It’s easy to think that he’s “hade it made,” considering the shine that was handed him through…..  American Idol. But after the initial album released in the glow of those moments, that light began to dim. Quickly.

He may not be your “traditional contemporary Christian artist,” but then again, who are we to put God inside of a box?

Danny Gokey: Let me tell you ……we got to make this follow-up album to Hope In Front Of Me. From the perspective of coming off of …..American Idol…. the odds were for us in that moment. Then my career took a dip for several years. I went quiet and didn’t release music. When I released Hope In Front Of Me, the odds had been turned against us.

To look back and see that it did way better than the expected projections ………….and that I got to make a second record, a follow-up to Hope In Front Of Me, that is why it’s a huge victory.

I want to say things that will reach the church, but also appeal to those outside of the church. …..my last album was being licensed …. (for) shows like So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Got Talent, …..it allowed exposure to people who wouldn’t choose to listen to Christian music.

To read the full article, click HERE.

Danny Gokey on cover CCM Magazine