Lyric Video: TUYO -Social Club Misfits with Danny Gokey

Social Club Misfts with Danny Gokey and Jordin Sparks

(feat. Danny Gokey & Jordin Sparks)

[Danny Gokey:]
I can leave my whole world in Your hands
Let You hold it together
Like today was forever
Siempre dice lo mismo que ayer (He always says the same thing as yesterday )
Nunca me dejarás (You will never leave me)

Yo no se de dinero   (Don’t know much about money)
Ni mucho de la fama  (Not much of fame)
Pero se que te quiero  (But I know that I love you)
Y se que tú me amas  (And I know you love me)
Que se escuche en el cielo (Let it be heard in the sky)
Lo gritare con ganas  (I will scream with desire)
Que soy tuyo  (That I am yours )
Soy solo tuyo  (I’m only yours)
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Video: What Love Can Do – Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey performs his song “What Love Can Do” from his #1 Billboard Christian Album, “Rise”.  Danny Gokey returned to his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to perform at Summerfest on Sunday, July 2nd.  It was Danny’s fourth concert at the Summerfest Grounds – the first was for his hometown visit while he competed on “American Idol” in 2009.  He previously performed during the Summerfest festival in 2010 and 2011. Video follows:

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Video: If You Ain’t In It – Danny Gokey Band

This is a fun, live performance video of Danny Gokey’s song, “If You Ain’t In It”.  The Danny Gokey Band play, dance and have a good time recording this video in the this song off Danny’s album, “Rise”. From what I see, I think it may have been recorded in the Ocean Way Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

We also include the lyrics below.

We have a video of IYAII from a concert available  HERE.

I’ve got things that I thought
Would fill my heart up, sittin’ on top winning
But that ain’t winning

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Video: Masterpiece by Danny Gokey!

Danny Gokey performs his song Masterpiece at Ocean Way Studios

Wow!  This is gorgeous!  Just Danny Gokey with Bernie Herms on the grand piano for a BEAUTIFUL acoustic version of the song Masterpiece off of Danny’s #1 charting album, “RISE”.

The vocals are amazing.  Yes, a masterpiece, in my (biased) opinion.  It was recorded at the Ocean Way Studios in Nashville, TN.  This song is written by Emily Lynn Weisband, and Bernie Herms.

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Lyrics: Better Than I Found It by Danny Gokey

Better Than I Found It (feat. Kierra Sheard) by Danny Gokey

from the album “RISE”  

Danny Gokey:
I don’t wanna hear about another, riot
Someone dying
At the wrong end of a gun

One more bullet might break my, heart
Oh it sure is dark
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Video: The Prayer – Natalie Grant & Danny Gokey with Lyrics

troy-wl-cc-danny-gokey-8-sEnjoy the full video of Natalie Grant and Danny Gokey performing “The Prayer” – with Lyrics!

“The Prayer” was performed as their encore on the Celebrate Christmas Tour.  This is from their stop in Green Bay, Wisconsin on December 9th.  Danny sings a few of the lines in Italian, as was done in other popular versions.

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