Recap: Danny Gokey Returns to MKE on The Very Next Thing Tour

Danny Gokey performing at The Very Next Thing Tour

Casting Crowns, Danny Gokey & Unspoken at the Milwaukee Theatre

Did you think I would SKIP seeing Danny Gokey return to his hometown on The Next Very Thing Tour?

I didn’t think so.

When the tickets went on sale I managed to snag two tickets from the Ticketmaster phone App. It told me they were the “Best Available” tickets  when the Casting Crowns pre-sale started.  I’ve been burned by letting the ticket seller pick my seats (Eau Claire for the Celebrate Christmas Tour….) but I was on my phone at work.  So, I grabbed them, checked out and hoped for the best.

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Jan’s Recap: Celebrating Christmas with Danny Gokey & Natalie Grant


I’ve already posted the video of my darling hubbie interviewing Danny Gokey after the “Celebrate Christmas” show  at the Zorn Arena in Eau Claire, so I doubt I could top THAT; but I will give you a little recap of my weekend!

I was at two consecutive Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant “Celebrate Christmas” shows!  Yup, I live a charmed life. But we did end up driving nearly 600 miles to attend two shows, back to back!

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Videos, Recap: Lori’s Night at “Celebrate Christmas”

lori-c-cc-natalie-grant-danny-gokey-sLongtime DG fan and supporter, Lori Castilleja, has shared her night at the Celebrate Christmas Tour of Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant

First up, a little bit from the Question & Answer before the concert:

What is your favorite song?

After Natalie said a hymn, Danny said “Give Me Jesus” to which Natalie joked “way to self promote, Danny” and burst out laughing. I love their camaraderie. She said they are like brother and sister and he agreed cause she picks on him but since he grew up with 4 sisters who picked on him, he’s used to it.

What is on your bucket list?

Natalie answered that one of hers has already happened and that was headlining Carnegie Hall but another item she hopes to come true is to live in NYC for 6 months. Danny jokingly said he hopes his album sells a million copies but then in excitement said one item is going to happen in the summer because he has a booking in Hawaii. Wow. Did we know this? (Editor’s note:  Yes, we did, but a date and specific location has NOT been announced….)

Setlist for her night:

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Recap: Danny Gokey’s 5th Annual Sophia’s Heart Gala

danny-gokey-shf-2016-450x293Danny Gokey at the Wisconsin Club Country Club on October 19th, 2016 

The annual benefit for the SHF Milwaukee Area youth and arts program celebrated its fifth gala in style at the elegant WCCC location.  Auction items, cocktail hour, wonderful dining, performances by the Sophia’s Heart Choir and the foundation’s founder, Danny Gokey, topped the evening!

The Sophia’s Heart Kids Choir opened the evening’s  entertainment by performing covers of  pop hits and an original song, too.  Danny Gokey sang, “Symptoms”, “Better Than Gold”, “Long Train Running”. The Sophia’s Heart Kids Choir returned to back  Danny on, “Hope in Front of Me”, “Better Than I Found It”, “My Life” and more.

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Video, Photos, Recap: Danny Gokey Returns to Milwaukee!


Danny Gokey comes back to Wisconsin as the headliner!

While I already had the Danny’s December Christmas show dates in Green Bay and Eau Claire, this announcement was months earlier and in the same town as some of our family! I bought 6 VIP/Artist Circle tickets even before I knew who could go.

These details ALWAYS work out for Danny concerts. ❤

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Recap: Zuzana at the Positive Hits Tour with Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey Zuzana PHT 2 (450x446)I’m fan of Danny Gokey since “American Idol”. I’m original from the Czech Republic, so please excuse my English. I am still learning English. My Czech is good and it would be much easier to write in my native language .

I know many singers from my old country, but nobody touched my heart like Danny . I think, if Danny start to sing opera I will be listening  and buy his opera recordings! Danny voice and music helps me.

My husband gave me the VIP ticket for my birthday . For the first time in my life, I took a pictures so close with the artists. Danny is very friendly and he is very nice for his fans. I went to concert alone. My husband made a surprise, when Danny began to sing, my husband came to the concert and sat dawn beside me. I had no idea that he would come there!  [Editor’s note: That is such a sweet surprise!] Continue reading “Recap: Zuzana at the Positive Hits Tour with Danny Gokey”

Recap: The Positive Hits Tour with Danny Gokey, by Stacey

Stacey 3 (434x500)

Road Trip Recap with Stacey!

I met Laura in the autograph line at a DG show I saw last year, we started talking and took pics for each other and instantly hit it off, so we FB friend-ed each other and met up again at the KLOVE Christmas tour and helped break down Danny’s merch table! So needless-to-say we are DIE HARD DG fans and when he wasn’t coming to Illinois anytime this year – we joked about going to see him.

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Featured Fans: Sara & Pam – Iowa!

Danny Gokey Sara WaitingDid you see the 1st post about Sara and her mom taking us to a Danny Gokey concert?

I’m happy to report we now have their back stories as Danny fans!

Sara and Pam (430x242)

Sara’s Story

My Mom, Pam, and I had such a fun time at Danny’s concert.  It was the first time we’d heard him live, after watching him on “American Idol” and falling in love with his story.  He opened up the show with “My Best Days”, and closed it with “It’s Not Over”, two of my favorites of his!  It’s undeniable how talented Danny really is, but what I love about him is that he always sings his butt off!

He is so inspirational, and the night of the concert certainly was inspirational.  That night, I left with a deposit in my soul.  Through seasons in our lives, we can feel stuck, like when is the good stuff coming to me?  Seeing Danny happy & thriving, after overcoming all his pain and trials, was such a beautiful picture of what God really wants to do with us.  Knowing Danny is now a restored man, really uplifted & encouraged me, reminding me, God’s not done with ME yet!  I hope everyone is blessed by this little video of my mom and I enjoying the concert!

 You’ll want to watch this fun duo, again!

Pam’s Story

I have been a Danny fan since seeing him shine on “American Idol”. I was so touched by his story, losing his wife – his faith in a loving God that was his saving grace.  I prayed for him – that God would restore his joy ten-fold and bless him with a new love, a family!  I am overjoyed whenever I see pictures of his lovely wife and children on Instagram.  God is good!!

Seeing Danny in concert was a special memory for me and my daughter.  We felt the presence of God – we witnessed the miracle of a man restored to the life God had planned for him.  And of course, like always, we had so much fun!  Praise God!Danny Gokey Sara Waiting 2