Rise Out of the Dark Tour – What to Expect

The Rise Out of the Dark Tour, co-headlined by Danny Gokey & Mandisa- with guests artists of Love and the Outcome and Jasmine Murray- is out on their multi city tour. We appreciate this info and review by Vinyl Theology.  Its great to get a preview of the tour and learn about the set order of the artists.

Danny Gokey played with his own 5-man band (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and him on vocals), that became a 7-man band later (adding a trumpet and saxophone).  His vocal power that was witnessed on American Idol was on full-display and he easily handled the pop-inspired R&B songs he performed with occasional nods to Latin inspired tunes.

Cut between the various acts were various videos of Gokey and Mandisa talking about their tour, and one humorous one also featured Jasmine Murray, all 3 of which were American Idol contestants.  They chose to lampoon the hit show a bit with all 3 taking on the roles of the 3 original judges.  Gokey was Simon Cowell who had insults aplenty, Jasmine Murray was the ever positive Paula Abdul, and Mandisa was an outlandish Randy Jackson with hand gestures and a couple of “dawgs” thrown in for good measure.

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Concert Review & Photos: at the Target Center, Minneapolis

Casting Crowns raises the roof and spirits at the Target Center

We have permission to share the review of Danny’s set and a few photos from Markus Akre, of Twin Cities Media from last night’s SOLD OUT show (11,000 in attendance) at the Minneapolis Target Center.

Danny Gokey took the stage:

Known to many from his 3rd place on “American Idol” his set was a bit slower and more soulful focusing on his great voice. A highlight was his duet with Casting Crown’s Megan Garrett. Many in the crowd were familiar with his songs and sang along to the chorus and Gokey integrated their voices into a couple of his songs. He also told the story of his journey…. Continue reading “Concert Review & Photos: at the Target Center, Minneapolis”

Danny Gokey’s RISE Reviewed — Do You Agree?


Review Danny Gokey’s new album, RISE

Now that Danny’s #1 CAC album has been out for a couple of weeks, with multiple listens by avid fans like YOU, we want to hear your thoughts on your favorite song(s).  We’re sharing reviews from 5 sources to get your reaction!

Song Reviews:

#1:  “Stronger Than We Think” throws back musically to 1980s dance club music, as Danny uses vocal echoes and electronic keyboards to present a different and powerful way to begin Rise. Using unique moments of rhyme, Danny encourages us that we are indeed stronger than we believe we are at a certain moment- that when the devil tries to discourage us, all we need to do is to look within, knowing that if we are made in His image, and with His spirit within us, we can and will do much more than He ever did when He was on earth all those years ago!  — 365 Days of Inspiring Media 


#2: “If You Ain’t In It” is a prevalently catchy pop song that advances boldly and unashamedly. Electronic synths form the foundation while brass horns, drums, and some guitar build the melody from there. Background voices, masked as if from a radio, accompany Danny’s signature vocals as he leads the lyrics. The song conveys a simple yet important message – that even a perfect life with everything going right is not worthwhile if God “ain’t in it.” Considering Danny’s story, the song packs a lot of power behind the pop sounds and definitely stands out in the album.  – The Christian Beat

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Reviewers on Danny Gokey’s New Album, “RISE”


We aren’t the only ones REALLY excited about Danny Gokey‘s upcoming album, RISE.

Album cover for RISE by Danny Gokey

Here’s a few of the reviews/interviews we’ve seen on Danny’s new album.  We’re happy to post more as they roll in!

Danny Gokey has high hopes for new album and impact – PledgeMusic.com

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What Are Music Reviewers Saying About Danny Gokey’s “Christmas is Here”?

Santa Danny (340x394)

New York Times  “Making Merry With Music” reviews Danny Gokey’s “Christmas Is Here” among others:

“Christian pop newbie — has a robust voice that allows him to jump among his various identities without seeming out of place. On his first Christmas album, with lustrous production by Keith Thomas, he shows an ambitious interest in Christmas songs made famous by soul music titans, including “This Christmas” (Donny Hathaway) and “What Christmas Means to Me” (Stevie Wonder). Mr. Gokey’s “White Christmas” is sultry, and he wields real power on “Mary, Did You Know?”

Full article is HERE.

365 Days Of Inspiration Reviews “Christmas is Here” – review by Joshua Andre Continue reading “What Are Music Reviewers Saying About Danny Gokey’s “Christmas is Here”?”