Featured Fan: #1 Danny Gokey Fan, Colleen

#GokeyGroupie: an enthusiastic supporter or follower of Danny Gokey

Colleen sent in a photo of the shirt she wore to a recent Danny Gokey concert and she shares this insight into why she is one of Danny Gokey’s #1 fans:

My husband and I have had a lot of loss in the past 18 months-9 people to be exact—including my Dad–which will be 10 months yesterday, cousin and Mother-in-law …Danny’s songs TYHTBA , HIFOM, Rise and Comeback ,his book HIFOM, along with Contemporary Christian Music itself has brought me back to life, given me stronger faith and proved to me that with God all things are possible and that even in my darkest moments. He is always there…..even getting through loss and depression from personal struggles with family has helped me be stronger than ever.

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Would the REAL Danny Gokey Please Stand Up

Three Danny Gokeys

Just what we always wanted, multiple Danny Gokeys!

Last Sunday Danny Gokey returned to central Wisconsin to perform for approximately 6,000 excited home-state fans.  After the concert, Danny signed autographs and he had the most unusual experience,  he was greeted by two mini-replicas of himself!  Danny loved it and so do we.

We reached out to the proud mom, Pamela, and she shared this story:

“My daughter Tessa and her friend Anna had so much fun “playing” Danny Gokey this past weekend at the Thrivent sponsored concert in Wausau, WI! Thrivent Member Network provided the photo booth and these awesome props. Thank you Danny for being amazing to these girls! You made thier day! As a mom, I am so thankful for the music you produce – you make a POSITIVE difference in people’s lives with the gifts God has given you!

But now, will the real Danny Gokey please stand up!”

Thank you, Pamela! It’s adorable ♡

Danny Gokey with Thrivent Jodi and Pamela

Pictured above: Jodi Berens, Marketing for Thrivent, Danny Gokey, Pamela Knezic, Thrivent Financial Associate.

Pamela shared with me,  “Jodi Berens works tirelessly to bring amazing Christian artists to the area to uplift and encourage our community.  She is a gift to Thrivent and to our entire region!”

To see more about the Thrivent/ 89Q Hope is Here concert you can check out:

Video:  WSAW TV with Danny Gokey Band  also some photos HERE.

Video: WSAW TV with the Danny Gokey Band

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)- Community members were asked to bring donations of school supplies for Fill a Backpack Fill a Need to see a concert performed by Wisconsin native and American Idol alumni Danny Gokey.

The Christian singer has prioritized family both at his shows and behind the scenes with his band members.

“Just be there on the bus and just kiss your kids goodnight that makes it worth it,” said Gokey’s guitar player Miguel Perez. His wife and three children were with the band in Wausau and even took in a little fun at the 400 Block’s splash pad before seeing Dad perform.

“The fact that we can have families out here having a good time building a rapport with each other is amazing,” bassist Eric Ramey said. “Bringing back that foundation of family is important. It’s the foundation of who we are,” said drummer Bernard Bell.

Ramey and Bell say band members have also become like family because they spend so much time on the road together. “So, the family aspect is there, I treat him like my brother,” Ramey said of Bell.

See video by clicking HERE or  HERE

Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 7/30 -8/13/17

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Wonderful photos of Danny Gokey

Thrivent Financial and 89Q hosted a concert “Hope on the 400 Block” in downtown Wausau and 6,000 showed up!

crowd for Danny Gokey in Wausau WI

Photo by Coy Sawyer, GM at 89Q Hope is Here

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Danny Gokey Feels Like the Misfit….

All of us feel out of our comfort zone now and then.  We give Danny Gokey huge props for talking about his own personal “fail” when it happens.  Like the time he confused famous rock bands on “American Idol”, or in this case, how to not look cool with the Social Club Misfits!

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Video: Shure presents RISE by Danny Gokey

Video of Rise by Danny Gokey with musicians Miguel Perez and Bernard Bell– presented by Shure.

MOTIV Sessions features Shure Artist Endorsers in unique locations recorded exclusively with MOTIV™ products and iOS devices. This session was recorded with an MV88 at Danny Gokey’s Brentwood Bed & Breakfast in Brentwood, TN.

Nice bio of Danny on the SHURE site.

The BEST of Danny Gokey News Instagram

Sometimes we can forget the incredible things that Danny Gokey is doing — so this post is for all us to celebrate those moments AGAIN!

I call this the best of Dannygokeynews on instagram. Is it because it has the most likes or views? Or just because Jan says so?  Feel free to share your favorite instagram posts below.  Have you followed DGNews on Instagram, yet?

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