Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 12/04 -12/17/17

Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant Celebrate ChristmasThe Celebrate Christmas Tour

I feel very fortunate that we could attend the Celebrate Christmas Tour for a second year in a row.  Wisconsinites are very lucky that Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant returned to Green Bay, Wisconsin this year (and added Kenosha) for their second annual Christmas tour. If you can’t attend this limited run show, we will do our best to share!  I will be posting more photos and short videos from the show.  Stay tuned!

Danny Gokey performs in Green Bay

Much of the set list is the same – with favorites like “Mary Did You Know”, “Give Me Jesus”, and “Christmas is Here”.  This year Danny added his singles “The Comeback” and “Lift Up Your Eyes”.  And they did a medley that included, “Christmas Time is Here”.  Do Continue reading “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 12/04 -12/17/17”

Video Flashback: Danny Gokey Sings O Holy Night

Danny Gokey performs a Christmas Classic – O Holy Night

This video goes back to 2011 when Danny Gokey was performing for at the Power Balance Pavillion for a country radio station’s Christmas concert in Sacramento, Wisconsin.  We thank longtime fan, Maria for this video.  You can check out more of her videos at her youtube channel HERE.

Danny Gokey as #MANGO Dancer?

It is a tradition to prank the other artists on the last day of a tour.  Danny’s and his band decided to wear custom MANGO shirts and go on stage during Mandisa’s set. They joined her dancers with their own stylings.  I’m waiting for a video of that prank to surface…. but in the meanwhile, this is Danny backstage checking out his MANGO shirt.

Thanks to Perlyshell, Watch Danny’s Dance Moves! Update: 11-21-17

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Picture Worth a 1000 Words: Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey by Vena MediaIt’s not often I will do a post on one photo, but this one really grabbed me. I felt it captured the essence of Danny Gokey.  What is your reaction when you see this photo?

The photo was provided by Vena Media. I first saw it on Instagram and the photographer,  Lalven Sanga, graciously gave me permission to use it.

Lalven is a PhD candidate at Asbury Theological Seminary and works in the Communications department. He holds a Master’s degree in Communication, and has been active photographer and videographer for several years and bases out of central Kentucky, USA. Continue reading “Picture Worth a 1000 Words: Danny Gokey”