Get to Know the Danny Gokey Band: Miguel Perez


Our featured artist is Miguel Perez, the Danny Gokey Band’s lead guitarist.

Photo courtesy of  Kailee Harvey 

Get to Know the Band

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Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 11/7 – 11/20/16

Danny Gokey performing on the 2016 Be One Tour

Danny Gokey performing on the Be One Tour

While Natalie Grant, Danny Gokey & Tauren Wells have finished the last show of this tour, there is so much coming up!  The Christmas concerts, new videos, and a new album!!

What is the most exciting to you?  Let’s talk about it!

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Danny Gokey News is One!

Help Us Celebrate Our Anniversary!

But 1st we have to send Danny Gokey’s fans a big THANKS because it would have been a very lonely year without YOU!!

We also want to thank Danny Gokey, Leyicet, Maximum Artist, the many photographers that share their talents with us, promoters and others that supplied us with material to make over 240 posts on the career of our favorite “American Idol’ alum!

We’re looking back with just a few of our favorites pictures and Danny’s milestones of the last year!

Other milestones:  We now have MORE followers on Facebook than when closed after its 6 year run! We still need more Twitter followers, but we also started our own Instagram account!  We appreciate your more than 3,800 comments here!

And we know there is so much more in front Danny– and us!  Stay tuned for an even bigger 2nd year!

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Danny Gokey’s Spanish “Que Tu Corazon Vuelva a Latir” NOW Available!!

Danny Gokey

Have you been waiting for Danny’s Spanish (and Spanglish) version of “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” to be available?

You can now download both on iTunes and!!

Listen in to this song and the rest of Danny’s new special “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” EP HERE

We think it’s “Canción muy bonita”!!

Our thanks to Annette Holloway Photography for this beautiful photo of Danny Gokey!

You can also watch the acoustic version of the Spanish TYHTBA at the following link:


“Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” by Danny Gokey is “Most Added” Song & Climbing the Charts!

Holloway 3 (320x400)We see a very BRIGHT future for Danny Gokey’s new single, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”.  It is listed as the most added song on the Christian AC Song Chart and Christian AC Indicator chart this week:

Billboard CAC most added 1 23 16 (430x102)

Billboard 01 23 16 AC Indicator (430x113)

As well as on the “Most Added” lists for Hot Christian AC/CHR and Christian Soft AC charts!

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