Danny Gokey News & Discussion- July & August 2020

The Summer Concerts – Of Past Years!

We have dug into our archives to relive the summer concerts of the past years! The lead photo is from Troy WL and Danny’s outdoor concert in Wausau, Wisconsin.  Also featured is Summerfest, Fishfest (Borel Photography) and from Worship in the Adirondacks.

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Danny Gokey News & Discussion- June 2019

Summer Music Festival Season!

Its June!  We consider that to be the start of the big, outdoor music event season!  Danny some on his schedule and then he wraps up the season by waiting for a fourth little Gokey to enter the world!

Will you catch him in Southbend, Phoenix, Gaylord, Rogersville, Oshkosh, Paso Robles, Darien Center, Duluth or Atlanta?  You can check Danny’s concert schedule HERE.

The Danny Gokey Band at Fishfest Sacramento by Borel Photo

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Danny Gokey News & Discussion – September 2018

Danny Gokey loves us all by Borel PhotographyNew Tour Begins This Month

Danny Gokey’s first headlining tour, The Hope Encounter, kicks off on September 20th in Peoria, Illinois and wraps up on November 4th in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  With 28 stops in between (including one at the beautiful Pabst Theater in Danny’s hometown of Milwaukee) we hope to catch some additional news and previews about his new album.  It is anticipated that the first single will be performed on the tour.  It is also reported that his next  album will be released in spring 2019.  Hopefully Nashville spring, not Wisconsin spring…. 

The Danny Gokey Band at Fishfest Sacramento by Borel Photo

Photos courtesy of Borel PhotographyRandy Licht

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Danny Gokey at 2018 FishFest -Sacramento

Danny Gokey by Borel Photography

Danny Gokey Performs for Fish 103.9 FM Listeners

Our thanks to Randy Licht of Borel Photography for granting us a sneak peak into Danny Gokey’s performance at Fish Fest concert in Sacramento on May 19, 2018.  Randy has known Danny for a number of years and I think the relationship shows when Randy is behind the camera!  See some of the Danny photos by Randy HERE.

The Danny Gokey Band at Fishfest Sacramento by Borel PhotoBTW, have you remembered to vote for Danny at the K-LOVE Awards? Have you asked your friends and family to throw their votes his way, too?!?  Vote HERE.

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Video: This is What It Means – Danny Gokey

Borel Photography Danny Gokey PH 5 (480x351)

Was the best one left on the album?

RISE, the first single of Danny Gokey’s next album is already climbing the chart, which means no more songs will be released from “Hope In Front of Me”. We feel bad for the beautiful song, “This is What it Means”.  Some of us think it may be the best song on the HIFOM album. Time will tell if it does get used in a project.  We remain hopeful!

We are thrilled to see Danny Gokey using TIWIM in the opening of his set for his recent tour.  This beautiful song combined with the photo montage is emotionally powerful!

We wish we had the whole song; let us know if you video-taped the whole opening!

Our thanks to Borel Photography and Gary Ehrhardt for his video from the Positive Hits Tour.

Borel Photography: Danny Gokey at the Positive Hits Tour

Borel Photography Danny Gokey PH 7 (480x308)

From Randy Licht of Borel Photography:

Once more…Danny Gokey wowed his audience last night here in Sacramento, California with his “Positive Hits Tour”! Danny and his band were on fire, performing, dancing, jumping and singing.
Get out and get your tickets for this fun and exciting tour that’s coming to your town or city soon!

Danny Gokey Borel Photography PH 10 (480x384)
#DannyGokey #PositiveHitsTour #KLOVE
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