Bring on the “American Idol” Finale! Our Danny Gokey Edition Gets You Ready!

Danny Gokey, Kris Allen in Hollywood for the Finale!

Are You READY?

8PM EST Thursday, April 7th, on FOX

Watch FOX 24’s video of  Kris, Danny & Pia Share Best Moments

We’ve gathered pics and clips of Danny’s involvement in the upcoming “American Idol” Finale!  We believe Danny will be performing “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” with the other soulful finalists:  Elliott Yamin, Brandon Rogers, Clark Beckham, George Huff and more.

I’ve found a short video of Danny performing “Too Proud” at his FIRST solo concert back in September, 2009!! Our thanks to Daniel Koenig for still having it up on youTube!

IDOL Family Reunion Photos!

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What “American Idol” Means to Me — Danny Gokey + 57 More!!

Danny Gokey American Idol 2010 (430x285)

With the “American Idol” Finale only a week away, we’ve got to soak up these articles– especially if they feature Danny Gokey!  Our thanks to BuzzFeed for this article presenting reflections by past contestants going back to 2002 (!) on how the show “changed their lives.”

Danny Gokey, Season 8

“American Idol translates to so many people as funny, entertaining, emotional, and great singers, but for me, it was so much more. It was hope. It was a second chance at life when I desperately needed it. It gave me a platform that I wouldn’t have otherwise had to share my love of music.

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Kris Allen’s Story of Idol’s Rock Week & “Renegade” With Danny Gokey!

Renegade Gokey Allen (435x239)The 15th and final bittersweet season of American Idol is almost over, and all season long, Yahoo Music’s Reality Rocks has been asking alumni to share their stories. Here is an excerpt from Kris Allen’s latest:

“How I got through Rock Week, I really don’t know.

Top four. I couldn’t believe I had made it this far! I definitely never saw it coming. If I could make it through to the next week, I would get to go back to Arkansas and do a homecoming episode.

But first… Rock Week.

I was the least “rock” out of the four contestants left, other than I could play guitar. I knew this was going to be a tough one. Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta were going to crush this week, because it was right up their alley. I wouldn’t call Danny Gokey a rock guy, but I knew he could hang just on his gravely voice alone.

So we had to pair up. Adam and Allison immediately joined forces, so that left me and Danny together. And honestly, it really didn’t matter who I dueted with, because I knew that all three of them could sing higher and “better” than me. Therefore, there was no way out of this. But this performance wasn’t supposed to matter, so it wasn’t a big deal, right? I knew better than that.”

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