Danny Gokey Nice Bits & Pieces- February 2016 Edition!

New Release Today Danny Gokey (429x525)

Mary Nikkel Photography for NewReleaseToday.com*

I’m bringing back the feature “Nice Bits & Pieces”!  It’s a collection of things that I’ve put together in one post — a kind of “e-newsletter”.  I hope you enjoy this eclectic mix of photos, radio interview, feature article and chart news!

I always appreciate feedback on whether you like this mixed bag of news or prefer shorter, single topic posts!  Thanks, Jan

american-idol_612x380 (430x267)

Entertainment Weekly” Article on AI Ending

EW.com  asks the question “What will happen to “American Idol” contestants after the show ends?”  It included Danny in the graphic and the article. An excerpt is included below.

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