Videos: Symptoms, Rise & Better Than I Found It – by Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey PHT Lori C (469x540)Long time fan, Lori Castilleja, shares her concert videos from the Positive Hits Tour

Here is the setlist that Lori provided us:

This is What It Means, Hope In Front Of Me, Symptoms, Better Than Gold, More Than You Think I Am, How Great Is Our God, Give Me Jesus, Tell Your Heart To Beat Again, Rise
It’s Not Over.

Her videos of Danny’s three new songs

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Borel Photography: Danny Gokey at the Positive Hits Tour

Borel Photography Danny Gokey PH 7 (480x308)

From Randy Licht of Borel Photography:

Once more…Danny Gokey wowed his audience last night here in Sacramento, California with his “Positive Hits Tour”! Danny and his band were on fire, performing, dancing, jumping and singing.
Get out and get your tickets for this fun and exciting tour that’s coming to your town or city soon!

Danny Gokey Borel Photography PH 10 (480x384)
#DannyGokey #PositiveHitsTour #KLOVE
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Recap: Zuzana at the Positive Hits Tour with Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey Zuzana PHT 2 (450x446)I’m fan of Danny Gokey since “American Idol”. I’m original from the Czech Republic, so please excuse my English. I am still learning English. My Czech is good and it would be much easier to write in my native language .

I know many singers from my old country, but nobody touched my heart like Danny . I think, if Danny start to sing opera I will be listening  and buy his opera recordings! Danny voice and music helps me.

My husband gave me the VIP ticket for my birthday . For the first time in my life, I took a pictures so close with the artists. Danny is very friendly and he is very nice for his fans. I went to concert alone. My husband made a surprise, when Danny began to sing, my husband came to the concert and sat dawn beside me. I had no idea that he would come there!  [Editor’s note: That is such a sweet surprise!] Continue reading “Recap: Zuzana at the Positive Hits Tour with Danny Gokey”

Video: “Give Me Jesus” by Danny Gokey – Positive Hits Tour

We fell in love with “Give Me Jesus” when Danny Gokey added the song to his Christmas album, “Christmas is Here“.  Danny has taken it to an even higher level by the simple staging and his beautiful closing.

Our thanks to Zuzana for sharing her video and Grace Fershee Photography for the gorgeous photo!

from the K-LOVE/ Air-1 Positive Hits Tour.

Grace Fershee Danny Gokey Air 1

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Recap: The Positive Hits Tour with Danny Gokey, by Stacey

Stacey 3 (434x500)

Road Trip Recap with Stacey!

I met Laura in the autograph line at a DG show I saw last year, we started talking and took pics for each other and instantly hit it off, so we FB friend-ed each other and met up again at the KLOVE Christmas tour and helped break down Danny’s merch table! So needless-to-say we are DIE HARD DG fans and when he wasn’t coming to Illinois anytime this year – we joked about going to see him.

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Danny Gokey Concert Dates – 50 from which to CHOOSE!

Multiple concerts (475x339)

Danny Gokey Concerts by the Number!!

23 —– Air-1/K-Love Positive Hits shows

13 ——Be One Tour dates with Natalie Grant (4 TBA)

8  —— Summer music festivals

6 —— Solo Danny Gokey shows

Total as of today:  50 concert dates in the next 135 days!

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Positive Hits Tour- Danny Gokey & More!

Positive Hits Tour 2016 (430x134)

The Positive Hits Tour 2016 Kicks Off

with artists

Kristian Stanfill & Passion | Danny Gokey | Capital Kings| Hollyn

Klove PHT artists (461x529)

Tour sponsors:  Air1, K-LOVE and Food for the Hungry

To see more information on the 23 show tour click HERE

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