Danny Gokey “Rise” Promo Interviews, Videos

Sirius XM The Message Concert

Danny sings some of his new album songs, a worship medley and talks about the making of the album.

Listen to Justin Paul of WAY-FM interview

Danny Gokey joins me in Episode 32 of the More Than The Music Podcast to share the stories behind his new album, “Rise.”   He also explains what his son said while praying over their meal that was both hilarious and adorable.


Listen to the Interview at this LINK

Finding His Voice — One Country with Danny Gokey

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HIS Radio Wants to Know: Do ALL Kids Cry When a Parent Sings? Even Danny Gokey’s?

VGokey 1 (425x350)We love  Rob Dempsey and the rest of the crew of the Morning Show at HIS Radio.  They took the short video of Victoria and Danny Gokey at her birthday party and ask the question, “did your kids ever ask you to stop singing?” They are shocked that anyone would cry in protest when Danny Gokey sings…… but we know it happens to almost all parents. Did it happen to you?

Danny Gokey’s Singing Makes Babies Cry from HIS Radio on Vimeo.

Rob is a bit challenged on guessing ages, he thinks Victoria is 3 or 4, LOL! and Danny is in his mid twenties.  We know the answers to that!!

Interview – Danny Gokey Talks with HIS Radio

Danny Gokey spoke earlier today with Rob Dempsey of HIS Radio.

Danny connected for this entertaining video interview from his tour bus on the Beating Hearts Tour, though at first looking very sleepy in our opinion — do you agree that the hat saved it? 😉 Continue reading “Interview – Danny Gokey Talks with HIS Radio”