Videos: The PNW Welcomed Danny Gokey and the Rock & Worship Roadshow!

Danny Gokey RWRS 2 (430x347)Danny Gokey and the rest of the Rock and Worship Roadshow toured Oregon, Washington and Idaho last weekend. There were big, crowded arenas and  we are fortunate to get some great videos as a result of ALL those people attending!

Big thanks to gee321saiko for sharing her concert footage of Danny Gokey singing:

“It is Well With My Soul”, “Hope in Front of Me”, “More Than You Think I Am”, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”, “It’s Not Over” and a bit of “Give Me Jesus”.

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A “Sweet Reunion!” Seeing Danny Gokey Back Where it All Started!

Danny Gokey by Jill Kalanges (430x418)A Full Circle Story from Longtime Danny Gokey fan, Jill

Jill K. first meet Danny in Portland for the American Idol Live Show at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in 2009!  Seven years later, they meet again at the same venue! Here are some excerpts from Jill’s story:

“If you know me, you likely know that there are a few musicians that have played a huge role in my life and my journey over the past 7-8 years. One in particular in someone that I’ve written about before in my blogs, has a very special place in my heart, and someone I had a chance to re-connect with last night.

It’s the one and only Danny Gokey!

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The Danny Gokey Band to Hit the Road — the Rock & Worship Roadshow!

The Danny Gokey Band is about to head out for the Rock & Worship Roadshow on February 4th!

Rock and Worship Roadshow Danny Gokey 1 (430x291)For information about the Danny’s role as host and a performer for the Pre-show Party, show dates and artists, please check out our previous tour post HERE.  I have also included the following tour video:

Danny Gokey Band Doves (430x301)

Pictured Jeff Pegues, Danny Gokey, Eric Ramey, Joshua Lutz & Maestro Lightford

To read about the talented musicians in Danny’s band, we’ve collected the following posts for you!

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The Danny Gokey band AZ (480x480) (430x286)And after 25 shows, this might be the way the band looks….

Danny Gokey Fans: What’s Your Predictions for 2016?!?

Graiemark Studios Danny Gokey SpirF 3 (430x242)2016! A year with HUGE potential for Danny Gokey!

On the first day of a new year,  Danny’s third single from his chart topping album, “Hope In Front of Me”, is already charting on Billboard and Allaccess Mediabase!  Danny has told his fans:

*to expect his NEW album in fall 2016

*a deluxe version of his popular and critically acclaimed album “Christmas Is Here“,

*he will be on a two month tour with the Rock & Worship Roadshow!

What are your predictions for Danny in 2016?  

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