Lyric Video: TUYO -Social Club Misfits with Danny Gokey

Social Club Misfts with Danny Gokey and Jordin Sparks

(feat. Danny Gokey & Jordin Sparks)

[Danny Gokey:]
I can leave my whole world in Your hands
Let You hold it together
Like today was forever
Siempre dice lo mismo que ayer (He always says the same thing as yesterday )
Nunca me dejarás (You will never leave me)

Yo no se de dinero   (Don’t know much about money)
Ni mucho de la fama  (Not much of fame)
Pero se que te quiero  (But I know that I love you)
Y se que tú me amas  (And I know you love me)
Que se escuche en el cielo (Let it be heard in the sky)
Lo gritare con ganas  (I will scream with desire)
Que soy tuyo  (That I am yours )
Soy solo tuyo  (I’m only yours)
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Video: Danny Gokey Chats with the Social Club Misfits

F.E.R.N. and Marty of the Social Club Misfits chatted on Facebook Live with Danny Gokey about their collaboration, “Tuyo“.  They talk about Danny’s Spanish influences (and that he could pass as Cuban, Colombian….), Danny’s desire to do more Spanish music, and more.

To hear their song with Jordin Sparks, click the video below:

Danny Gokey Feels Like the Misfit….

All of us feel out of our comfort zone now and then.  We give Danny Gokey huge props for talking about his own personal “fail” when it happens.  Like the time he confused famous rock bands on “American Idol”, or in this case, how to not look cool with the Social Club Misfits!

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